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Serafina Aquilino

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Serafina Aquilino
Serafina Aquilino
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A virtual language: The use of Chinese language in electronic literature and its influence in Chinese popular culture


I am a research student from Italy. I obtained both my BA and MA at Sapienza University of Rome, where I studied Chinese Language and Culture. During my studies, I had the opportunity to spend one year at Wuhan University (Hubei, China), thanks to a scholarship in the frame of LiSUM Project. In this period I developed a strong interest in contemporary Chinese literature and internet culture.

PhD Research

Over the past decade, the People's Republic of China has experienced a widespread growth of the use of the internet technology and a huge increase in the number of web users. The rapid development and popularization of internet technology gave birth to Chinese Internet Language (CIL),  a variety of language associated with internet technology, used for the purpose of information exchange and processing, and particularly in informal interaction. Chinese Internet Language is influenced by many practical, social and cultural factors. My research looks at the influence of Chinese Internet language on literature, specifically, on language and style of web/electronic literary works.