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Hanns Bjoern Kendel

BA South Asian Studies and Economics (SOAS), MA International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD/SOAS)
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Hanns Bjoern Kendel
Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD)

Convenor - General Diplomatic Studies & Practice

Mr Hanns Bjoern Kendel
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The Terror Court Assemblage - Two Case Studies From India
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PhD Research

My research focuses on the role of discretion and procedure in Indian trials under antiterrorism
legislation. What is the role and input of a variety of actors in framing an issue as
a matter of criminal law or a matter of national security? What are the effects, from a legal
point of view? How is the stage set early on for a trial to follow a very distinct procedural


Book Review: Daniel P. Marston & Chandar S. Sundaram (Eds), A Military History of India and South
Asia: From the East India Company to the Nuclear Era
South Asia Research November 2012 32:


Centre for Policy Research (New Delhi, India)