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Charlotte Hemmings

BA (Oxford), MA (SOAS)
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Charlotte Hemmings
Ms Charlotte Hemmings
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The Kelabit Language, Austronesian Voice and Syntactic Theory
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I completed a BA in German and Linguistics at the University of Oxford in 2011. During this time, I became interested Austronesian languages, which led me to study the Language Documentation and Description MA at SOAS. My dissertation focused on the morphosyntax of Javanese, as spoken in Malang, and an LFG analysis of two verbal suffixes.

In September 2012, I enrolled on the PhD Linguistics course with the aid of a Wolfson Scholarship. I am currently working on Kelabit, a Western Austronesian language spoken in Sarawak, East Malaysia. I particular, I am analysing the voice system of Kelabit and related languages and the insights that this can give us into Austronesian voice and syntactic theory. The primary data for this research will be gathered in the form of a documentary corpus, which will hopefully form the basis for a more large-scale documentation of Kelabit and the languages of Borneo in the future.


I am a committed member of Language Landscape, a student-run organisation promoting linguistic diversity and multilingualism. This year we successfully completed our first major outreach project in Bow School of Maths and Computing Related information

I am also a member of the Linguistics Society of America (LSA) and am attending the LSA Summer Institute 2013, University of Michigan.


My interests include theoretical syntax and LFG, the syntax-semantic interface, typology, sociolinguistics, historical linguistics, pragmatics and information structure.