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Ms Camilla Audia

BA (Rome), MA (Rome)
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Camilla Audia
Ms Camilla Audia
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Mechanisms of land tenure and gendered access to land within complex households in rural Burkina Faso.
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Year of Entry 2012

PhD Research

In rural areas of sub Saharan countries, land is an extremely important asset to productive resources and income-earning opportunities that are essential for poverty reduction. In Burkina Faso, land tenure forms a complex system in which statutory and customary laws are inevitably tangled; nevertheless, it also is determined by social, anthropological and cultural factors. Land is essential for agriculture, harvesting forest and tree products, and crop production and consumption for both home and marketing. It is unknown to what extent and in what way new agrarian reforms, as well as the social intricacies of the household structure redefined women’s rights to access and own the land, or influenced the use they make of it.




Food security, Anthropology of food, Justice equity and rights, Gender, Sustainable livelihoods, sustainable land management, Land tenure, Land grabbing