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Jörg Haustein

MA (Leipzig), Dr. theol. (Heidelberg)
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Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Dorothy Tembo, Missions, Colonialism and Christian Identity in Malawi
  • Keith Jarrett, [working title] Led By the Spirit: Navigating the fragments of ‘Oneness’ Pentecostalism in London’s migrant Caribbean congregations
  • Kemi Ingram, African American Orthodox Christians: Culture, Contextualization and the Making of an American Orthodox Church
  • Romina Istratii, Approaching domestic violence in Tigray: Ethiopia through the lens of local religio-cultural knowledge systems
  • Rudder Jenkins, Intra-Christian Dialogue After the Arab Conquest: Accusation and Polemic Engendered by Islam
  • Sarah Knight, “Oath of the Leaning Cross” and the Rejection of Rome’s Authority: a Re-evaluation of the History of the Syrian Christians of Kerala in the year 1653


Jörg Haustein studies Islam and Christianity in Africa from colonialism onward. His primary fields of research are Ethiopia (esp. Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity) and Tanzania (Islam in German East Africa). He is also an expert on the global Pentecostal movement and a founding member of the European Research Network on Global Pentecostalism (GloPent), which networks academic research on Pentecostalism worldwide and across the disciplines.

Jörg Haustein has widely published about the Pentecostal movement in Ethiopia, its history, its relation to politics and its interaction with other confessions. His doctoral thesis (published by Harrassowitz 2011) delineates the politics of history in the Ethiopian Pentecostal movement and won two major awards.

His current project deals with Islam in Tanganyika during German colonial rule in the fields of law, politics, education and missions. Based on German archives in Berlin, Dar es Salaam, and elsewhere, the project traces the representation of Islam and its transformation in dialogue with post-colonial theory.

Jörg Haustein is the Co-Investigator of the AHRC-funded Research Network 'Keeping Faith in 2030: Religions and the Sustainable Development Goals' (Principal Investigator Emma Tomalin, University of Leeds), which explores the role of religious actors in defining and implementing the sustainable development agenda in Ethiopia and India.


Authored Books

Haustein, Jörg (2011) Writing Religious History: The Historiography of Ethiopian Pentecostalism. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz. (Studien zur außereuropäischen Christentumsgeschichte (Asien, Afrika, Lateinamerika); 17)

Edited Books or Journal Volumes

Haustein, Jörg and Maltese, Giovanni, eds. (2014) Handbuch pfingstliche und charismatische Theologie. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.

Bergunder, Michael and Haustein, Jörg, eds. (2006) Migration und Identität: Pfingstlich-charismatische Migrationsgemeinden in Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main: Lembeck. (Beihefte der Zeitschrift für Mission; 8)

Book Chapters

Haustein, Jörg (2014) 'Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity in Ethiopia: A Historical Introduction to a Largely Unexplored Movement.' In: Eliese, Hatem, (ed.), Multidisciplinary Views on the Horn of Africa. Köln: Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, pp. 109-127. (Studien zum Horn von Afrika; 3)

Haustein, Jörg and Østebø, Terje (2013) 'EPRDF's Revolutionary Democracy and Religious Plurality: Islam and Christianity in post-Derg Ethiopia.' In: Abbink, Jon and Hagmann, Tobias, (eds.), Reconfiguring Ethiopia: The Politics of Authoritarian Reform. London: Routledge.

Haustein, Jörg (2011) 'Die pfingstlich/charismatischen Bewegungen als aktuelle Herausforderung der Äthiopisch-Orthodoxen Kirche.' In: Pinggéra, Karl, (ed.), Tradition und Wandel im Land der Königin von Saba: Ansichten aus und zu Äthiopien. Hofgeismar: Evangelische Akademie, pp. 73-92. (Hofgeismarer Protokolle; 356)

Haustein, Jörg and Quaas, Anna (2009) 'Die Pfingstbewegung.' In: Mühling, Markus, (ed.), Kirchen und Konfessionen. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, pp. 170-185.

Haustein, Jörg (2009) 'Navigating Political Revolutions: Ethiopia's Churches During and After the Mengistu Regime.' In: Koschorke, Klaus, (ed.), Falling Walls: The Year 1989/90 as a Turning Point in the History of World Christianity. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, pp. 117-136. (Studien zur Außereuropäischen Christentumsgeschichte (Asien, Afrika, Lateinamerika); 15)

Haustein, Jörg (2006) 'Pfingstbewegung und Identität im Kontext Äthiopischer Migranten in Deutschland.' In: Bergunder, Michael and Haustein, Jörg, (eds.), Migration und Identität: Pfingstlich-charismatische Migrationsgemeinden in Deutschland. Frankfurt am Main: Lembeck, pp. 107-126. (Beihefte der Zeitschrift für Mission; 8)


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Book Reviews

Haustein, Jörg (2015) 'Review of: Nimi Wariboko, Nigerian Pentecostalism. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester.' Anthrocybib .

Haustein, Joerg (2014) 'Review of Helga Dickow,'Religion and Attitudes towards Life in South Africa: Pentecostals, Charismatics, and Reborns'.' Pneuma, 36 (1). pp. 131-133.

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Haustein, Joerg (2014) 'Review of Ludovic Lado ‘Catholic Pentecostalism and the Paradoxes of Africanization: Processes of Localization in a Catholic Charismatic Movement in Cameroon’.' Journal of Religion in Africa, 44 (3-4). pp. 417-419.

Haustein, Jörg (2013) 'Review of: Der Auftrag bleibt. Der Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden auf dem Weg ins dritte Jahrtausend (D. Hampel, R. Krüger, G. Oertel).' Review Column of the Interdisziplinäre Arbeitskreis Pfingstbewegung .

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Haustein, Jörg (2010) 'Review of: Christliche Mission im paraguayischen Chaco (C. Bohnert).' Theologische Literaturzeitung, 135 (12). pp. 1401-1402.

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