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Sareh Javid
Centre for Iranian Studies

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Sareh Javid
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The Traveller: A philosophical Journey through Cinema


After completing my BA in Visual relations at Art & Architecture University in Tehran, I came to UK where I studied a master degree in Graphic Design & communication at University for the Creative Arts.  After spending a year as a freelance artist and graphic designer, I took a PG diploma in History of Art at UCL and wrote my dissertation on visual analysis and semiotic reading of Jacques-Louise David’s self-portrait.  During my time at UCL, I developed my curiosity in the relations between philosophy, poetry, and painting with modern arts: photography and cinema. This led me to enter SOAS for my second master degree in History of Art & Archaeology.  In my dissertation, I tried to bring the Western philosophies from Heidegger to Deleuze with Abas Kiarostami’s cinema into conversation.

PhD Research

Since cinema illustrates a collective visual memory, an immense source of images, it provides a solid platform through which many of philosophical ideas can be discussed. My thesis is a philosophical investigation of Kiarostami’s The Traveller (1974). It primarily aims at bringing the philosophical ideas, both concerning aesthetic issues about films and questions about the philosophical content of films, into the conversation with The Traveller. These ideas include argument concerning the movement-image and the time image and their corresponding signs, the relation of inside and outside, the human being’s social and political existence, the relation between brain and body, and the emotional engagement of spectators.