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Alberto Iozzi

Laurea (Rome) PhD (York)
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Industrial organisation, regulation, public economics.



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Haskel, Jonathan and Iozzi, Alberto and Valletti, Tommaso (2013) 'Market structure, countervailing power and price discrimination: The case of airports'. Journal of Urban Economics, (74), pp 12-26.

Iozzi, Alberto and Valletti, Tommaso (2013) 'Vertical bargaining and countervailing incentives'. American Economic Journal: Micro. [Inpress]

D'Amato, Alessio and Iozzi, Alberto and Trovato, Giovanni (2012) 'The trade of polyethylene waste: prices or policies?'. Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, (14) 4, pp 341-356. [Inpress]

Cesi, Berardino and Iozzi, Alberto and Valentini, Edilio (2012) 'Regulating Unverifiable Quality by Fixed-Price Contracts'. The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy (Contributions), (12) 1.

Benfratello, Luigi and Iozzi, Alberto and Valbonesi, Paola (2009) 'Technology and incentive regulation in the Italian motorways industry'. Journal of Regulatory Economics, (35), pp 201-221.

Dea Fraja, Gianni and Iozzi, Alberto (2008) 'The Quest for Quality: A Quality Adjusted Dynamic Regulatory Mechanism'. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, (17) 4, pp 1011-1040.


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