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Ramin Nassehi
Department of Economics

Senior Teaching Fellow

London Middle East Institute (LMEI)


Centre for Iranian Studies


Ramin Nassehi
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+44(0) 20 7898 4542
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Fridays: 14:00 to 16:00


I am Senior Teaching Fellow at Department of Economics at SOAS. My research interest is on comparative political economy of Rentier states. My PhD research focused on "the political economy of macroeconomic policy making in pre-Revolutionary Iran". I have been educated at the University of Oxford, LSE, Queen Mary University and University of Tehran.  


  • Nassehi, R (2014), Book review: Deconstruction of the “high financier”: a critical review of Ferguson’s biography of Siegmund Warburg, Journal of Management and Organizational History, Vol 9, Issue 1.
  • Nassehi (2014), Book review: Remembering inflation, LSE Review of Books, January 2004, Accessible at:
  • Nassehi, R (2013), Book review: the oil curse, LSE review of books, May 2012, Accessible at:
  • Nassehi, R (2013), The political economy of state-led industrialization in pre-Revolutionary Iran, presented in the International Iranian Economic Association (IIEA) Conference on June 2013.
  • Nassehi, R (2013), Haunted by the “Impossible Trinity”: how cheap credit inflated Dubai’s property bubble, Paper accepted for the upcoming International and Middle East Conference on Sustainability and Human Development (iMESH 2013) on April.
  • Nassehi, R (2013), Turkey’s economy in danger (In Farsi), Published in Donyaye Eghtesaad (the most popular Iranian economic newspaper), October 22.     
  • Nassehi, R (2012), Yuan becoming a global currency (in Farsi), Published in Donyaye Eghtesaad, December 27.
  • Nassehi, R (2012), Consequences of Fed’s monetary policy for developing countries (Farsi), Published in Donyaye Eghtesaad, November 8.