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BA in History and International Relations (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), MA in International Relations and International Law (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
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Glucksam Noga
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Noga Glucksam
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Transitional Justice and Collective Identity: Contesting concepts of justice in Liberia and Uganda
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The pursuit of justice after civil wars is often associated with a range of practices and mechanisms commonly known as transitional justice. Accordingly, post-war processes of truth-telling, accountability, and reconciliation are believed to have transformative effect towards more democratic, tolerant and just society. However, the meaning of key concepts underpinning these processes is contextual and contested, and its manipulation seem to reflect underlining identity conflicts, historical experience and power relations between groups. Therefore, to perceive justice and its related concepts as universal and objective is to overlook these dynamics. Justice, this thesis argues, encapsulates a myriad of objectives and priorities which invoke socially charged conceptions such as blame and responsibility, leading to social and political conceptual dissonances. Transitional justice processes inevitably invoke these conceptual dissonances, and the collective identities beneath them. The contestations of concepts such as truth and reconciliation, becomes an arena for claiming, demonstrating and challenging collective identities, sometimes in direct competition with antagonistic identities and perceptions, and with problematic consequences for the ontological security of collective identities which are being empowered or marginalised in the process.

The thesis problematizes conceptual dissonance in the context of post-civil war transitions, and applies the theoretical framework of ontological security to analyse the identity and power dynamics amidst the contestation of three themes of transitional justice: truth-telling, accountability and reconciliation. Using a variety of qualitative data and a mixed method approach, the contestations of concepts within these themes are examined comparatively in two case studies of post-civil war peace building in Liberia and Uganda. The comparative analysis contributes to the theoretical development of the fields of transitional justice and identity politics, as well as to the empirical study of the Liberian and Ugandan complex experiences with peacebuilding and transitional justice.


Journal Articles

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Glucksam, Noga. “I Fear, Therefore I Am: Ontological security after civil wars.” (Under review).

Conference Papers

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International Studies Association

Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability

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