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Noga Glucksam

BA in History and International Relations (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), MA in International Relations and International Law (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
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Glucksam Noga
Department of Politics and International Studies

Tutor - Introduction to Global History

Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD)

Tutor - International Security

Ms Noga Glucksam
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Justice and Social Peacebuilding: How Transitional Justice Affects Normative Changes in Post-Civil War Societies
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Third year
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PhD Research

As civil wars and internal violence surge around the world, the question of peacebuilding is often side-lined by security issues and economic agendas. Nevertheless, comparative data indicates that successful social reconstruction can ensure longer-lasting stability in post conflict societies. One approach to social peacebuilding is that of transitional justice, linking reconciliation with justice, and deducing a relationship between accountability and peacebuilding. However, with the human rights discourse dominating the field of peacebuilding and transitional justice, the impact of the western approach to justice on non-western and traditional societies recovering from mass atrocities is still lacking critical systematic examination. Social theory of international relations can offer us a useful approach to analyse the impact of political agents and institutions such as those of transitional justice on socio-political processes. The theory points out to a dynamic relationship between local communities, social agents of transitional justice, and national and international institutions that affect and shapes the way social norms are constructed and implemented. Using this theory I analyse the role of transitional justice mechanisms in shaping two social norms which are closely linked to peacebuilding: accountability and ontological security in two case studies: post-civil war Liberia and post-civil war Uganda.


“Social Peacebuilding in Africa: New Look on Traditional Justice“, paper delivered at PJSA international conference, October 2013.


Royal African Society


Comparative and International Politics