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Maurizia Onori

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Maurizia Onori
Ms Maurizia Onori
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Neo-Mamluk and neo-Sicilian/Norman funerary monuments, nineteenth - twentieth century in Sicily
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This project focusing on neo-Mamluk and neo-Sicilian/Norman funerary monuments from the nineteenth into the twentieth century in Sicily, this is part of a field of study interested in understanding the Italian nature of the phenomenon known as Orientalism and Revivals.

In the Italian context, the Sicilian case is fascinating. What defines the peculiar choice for the island is its surviving significant number of Sicilian-Norman monuments linked with its past when it was an Islamic territory. With this research I will try to reveal how this circumstance produced the choice of the ‘Arab-Norman’ architecture as the prevalent model for Sicilian architects to join the ‘Orientalist’ movement of the period.