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Mr Richard Itaman

BSc (ABU Zaria) MSc (Bradford
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Richard Itaman
Mr Richard Itaman
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Financialisation in Sub-Sahara Africa: The Nigerian Experience (Working Title)
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Year of Entry: 2013 - 2014
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The global economy has today, witnessed an unprecedented growth in financial presence, proliferation of financial assets and innovations and increasing consumer credit, allowing an expansion of economic concepts in capturing this reality over the years. As such, the term financialisation, still evolving with definition, is now used to describe this “increasing importance of financial markets, motives, institutions and financial elites in the operation of the economy and its governing institutions, both at the national and international level”.

This research seeks to show that Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced an increasing process of financialisation in general in the last three decades, using the case of Nigeria. And that this has been accompanied by increasing inequality, rising unemployment and slowing growth rates over these years. Hence, a fundamental gap in the theory of financialisation.


  • Development Studies Association
  • Western Economic Association International


Financial economics; development economics; history of economic thought; Marxist political economy; behavioural economics, public policy analysis; project development