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Mr Sai Englert

BA, MA (Sussex University)
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Sai Englert
Department of Politics and International Studies

Teaching Fellow

Department of Development Studies

Teaching Fellow

Mr Sai Englert
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SOAS University of London
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Thesis title:
The Defeat of Hebrew Labour: Neoliberalism, the Histadrut, and the labour movement in Israel
Year of Study:
Year of Entry 2013
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PhD Research

Traditionally, the Zionist movement has strongly depended on the Jewish labour movement and its institutions, both before and after the creation of the Israeli state, for territorial expansion and social cohesion.

In recent decades, drastic neoliberal policies have been applied in Israel. These policies have been directed particularly against the Histadrut: the Israeli trade union federation as well as a key actor in the original colonisation of Palestine, and the organisation of the Israeli state.

My research aims to assess how these changes have affected the relationship between the Israeli state and Jewish labour.