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Dr Dongning Feng

MA (GUFS) MA (Warwick) PhD (Stirling)
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Programmes Convened
Modules Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Lin Li, Flexibility and Constraints in Lexical Meaning Construction in Mandarin Chinese
  • Lu Xue, Negation, Prediction and Thought-ascription — A Study of Quasi-logical Terms in Mandarin Chinese
  • Rafaa Taher S Ragebi,
  • Wen Wang, A Corpus-based Study of Subjunctivity in Shanghainese (as evidenced in the missionary linguistic and translation works on/in vernacular Shanghainese in the period 1843-1950)
  • Yan Jia, Translating Distant Neighbours: China-India Literary Relations 1950-2015
  • Youru Zhou,


Sociological approach to translation studies;politics and translation;critical discourse analysis and translation studies;translator's autonomy, translation and cultural studies;qualitative methodology in translation studies; pragmatics and subtitling, cognitive approach to interpreting studies; Chinese area studies


Book Chapters

Feng, Dongning and Yang, Fan (2018) 'Negotiating boundaries: ethical issues in commercial translation'. Regulations and Applications of Ethics in Business Practice. Berlin: Springer.

Yang, Fan and Feng, Dongning (2016) 'Politics of Film Translation: Cinema and Nation-Building in 1949-1965 China'. In: D'hulst, Lieven and O'Sullivan, Carol and Schreiber, Michael, (eds.), Politics, Policy and Power in Translation History. Berlin: Frank & Timme, pp 187-210.

Feng, Dongning and Li, Jingjing (2012) 'Reconstructing Contemporary Chinese Political Discourse in Translation'. Reinventing Identities: the Poetics of Language Use in Post-reform China. Tianjin: Nankai University Press, pp 155-177.

Feng, Donging and Li, Jingjing (2012) 'Constraints and strategies in the English translations of Chinese political speeches'. Translationswissenschaftinterdisziplinär: Fragen der Theorie und der Didaktik. Frankfurt am Main u.a: Peter Lang.

Conference Items

Feng, Dongning (2015) 'Americanising Taiwan: literary translation as political manipulation' In: The 4th Asia-Pacific Forum on Translation & Intercultural Studies, 23-5 October 2015, Durham University. [Unpublished]

Feng, Dongning (2015) 'Transculturality & New Global Governance' In: 2015 UK-China Cultural Exchange 2nd Global Dialogue: Transculturality & New Global Governance, 23-4 November 2015, The British Academy. [Unpublished]

Feng, Dongning (2013) 'Translating discourse: breaking down power relations in Chinese-English translation of news report' In: “Did anyone say Power?”: Rethinking Domination and Hegemony in Translation. [Unpublished]

Feng, Dongning (2011) 'English as a Global Language: Dominance and Resistance in Translation' In: Shanghai International Conference on Translation and the Globalised Discourse, 23-6 November 2011, Shanghai. [Unpublished]

Book Reviews

Feng, Dongning (2015) 'Translation of philosophy and Philosophy of translation: social science translation'. Journal of China in Comparative Perspective, (1) 1.


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