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Mr Ze Chen

BA in Chinese liteature Peking university; MSc in Gender studies LSE; MRes in anthropological research methods
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Ze Chen
Department of Anthropology and Sociology

PhD Student

Mr Ze Chen
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Marrying the other: Marrying the other: Local ethnic boundaries and the politics of inter-ethnic marriage on Hainan Island
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This project is designed to understand what role does romance/intimate relationship play in terms of shaping local ethnic relationships, or vice versa. To be more specific, my research focus on understanding how ethnic boundaries related to the inter-ethnic marriage life in a multicultural island of Hainan, which has a complex history of inter-ethnic interaction. Compare to other ethnic mixed regions in China, the ethnic relationship between Han and Li ethnic groups has very different features— the Li and Han ethnic distinction are clearly and constantly demonstrated in the local culture. In the field, I try to explore how local ethnic relationship are shaped the marital and romantic life, or contrariwise. Through in-depth fieldwork, my field research focus on collecting inter-ethnic family histories, observing inter-ethnic romantic relationship and inter-ethnic family life life within which the ethnic inequality intersects with class, regional and gender inequalities.