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Ms Anna Cohen

MA Social Anthropology (Goldsmiths)


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Department of Anthropology and Sociology

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Ms Anna Cohen
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Ridley Road and Broadway Market: Food markets, social change, and the construction of community in Hackney’s ‘Urban Village’ (working title)
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3 (part-time)
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PhD Research

My research is based in two street markets at Ridley Road and Broadway Market in Hackney; a socially diverse, multi-ethnic, inner city neighbourhood. Both markets are largely based on fresh foods for sale. Hackney is currently undergoing a huge amount of regeneration.

This research will analyse how residents interact during times of rapid social change; how movements of populations over time impact on what food is eaten, and on what could be considered a local food culture. In particular it will focus on how the process of buying and consuming food can either help to bond a community and create a sense of belonging within, or cause a split and a sense of alienation between these different groups (whether ethnic groups or economic groups). The markets embody the questions and contradictions about living in such a culturally and economically diverse area and demonstrate different understandings of what ‘local community’ might mean. 


  • Food Studies Centre, Department Anthropology and Sociology