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Ms Shijin Shin

BA (Cornell University) MA (Seoul National University)
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Shijin Shin
Ms Shijin Shin
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China’s Soft Power and Strategies: A Case Study of China-South Korea Relations
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As popularity in studying soft power rises, more concrete development in conceptualizing soft power theories are necessary. This research examines China’s soft power in particular, and why and how it differs from conventional definition of soft power. While previous literature mainly focuses on studying China’s soft power resources, this research takes a further step in studying China’s own soft power strategies by suggesting new theoretical concept and frame. This research intends to find out how hard power resources and interest-based inducements are deeply related with soft power, and tries to fill a theoretical gap between hard power and soft power using China-South Korea relations as a case study. South Korea is an interesting region to study China’s soft power strategy for its ambiguous positioning between US and China, and this research hopes to contribute to the studies of soft power theories and dynamic relational changes in North East Asia region with the perspective of soft power frame.


  • Comparing Different Reactions of Middle Power Countries in Response to Rising China: The Case of South Korea and Australia, Seoul National University, February, 2012
  • World Bank: Projects to develop with South Korea, Global Korea, Science 21, Seoul, December, 2010


  • SOAS Politics MPhil Students Conference 2013
  • 2014 Understanding China (Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, Seoul, Korea)


Visiting fellow at East Asia Institute