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Ms Neda Mohtashami

MA (Ancient Languages and Culture of Iran, University of Tabriz, Iran)
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Neda Mohtashami
Ms Neda Mohtashami
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Text-Critical Edition of the Pahlavi Version of the Yasna (Chapters 0-2)
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An edition of the Middle Persian version of the Yasna does not exist. In his Altiranisches Woerterbuch, Bartholomae (1904) was the first scholar to use the Middle Persian translations to verify and support meanings he posited for Avestan words. No further research was carried out on the Zand material until Klingenschmitt (1969, 1971, 1978). With his critical application of philological methods to the Middle Persian translations, Klingenschmitt drew attention to the value of these texts for research on the Avesta and showed ways in which Middle Persian translations can illuminate the interpretation of the Avesta. The first edition of the Avestan and Pahlavi versions of a Yasna text was Kreyenbroek (1985) with his edition of the Srōš Yašt (Yasna 56–57). Later Josephson (1997) published a study of the Pahlavi version of the Hōm Yašt (Yasna 9–11). However, her work on the Pahlavi version ignores the glosses and the commentaries. More recently, Cantera (2004) has provided an in-depth analysis of the Middle Persian translations of the Avesta. My research project contributes to the field by providing the first-ever text-critical edition and analysis of the first three chapters of the Pahlavi Yasna.


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  • Languages (Avestan, Pahlavi, Manichaean Middle Persian, Sogdian)
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