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Mr Etana Dinka

MA in History, Addis Ababa University (2007); BED in History, Haramaya University (2002).
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Etana Dinka
Mr Etana Dinka
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Resistance and Integration in the Ethiopian Empire: the case of Macca Oromo of Qellem (1880s-1974)
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Year 2


I was born in 1980 and completed my secondary education and the first two degrees in Ethiopia, where I acquired considerable teaching and research experiences.



My research is a study of peasant resistance and politics, framed in the context of subsistence farming and ethno-cultural identity. The study is focused on the Macca Oromo people of Qellem, western Ethiopia, where threats to their subsistence economy have coalesced many anomalous elements to generate a culturally framed peasant resistance lasting for nearly a century. I believe, a focus on how the Oromo peasants of Qellem lived with and looked at the Ethiopian empire-state helps us to understand a unique African structure of dominance; how peasants interact with sophisticated and militarized empires armed with literary tradition; tensions between society and state, and the broader subject of peasant resistance. It also illustrates relations between the Amhara-dominated Ethiopian state and the Oromo subjects that it treated as subordinates. The resistance it generated makes up the main subject of this study - the evolving transcripts of resistance which emerged over the period in question. This study therefore intends to come up with a new line of interpretation, i.e. how evolving transcripts of resistance ultimately contributed to an Oromo national consciousness. The research mainly draws on archival sources mined from various locations in Ethiopia and the UK, and oral sources collected in many parts of Qellem