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Miss Qiong Yu

BA (East China Normal University), MA (Durham University)


Qiong Yu
Miss Qiong Yu
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Revisiting Britain’s Informal Imperialism from the Periphery and Beyond — Examining the Constructive Sino-British Relations in the Nineteenth Century within a Global Context.
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Dr. Ross Forman


After earning an MA in Culture and Difference in Durham University in the UK, I went to SOAS, University of London to continue my PhD in Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies. 

My main area of interest is the encounter between China and Britain in the nineteenth century. Now I’ve been specifically focusing on how Britain’s social, intellectual and political changes in the 19th century have influenced Britain's perception of China and the Chinese at that time. And how Britain's understanding of China and the Chinese influence Britain's international policy towards China at that time.