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Elia Dal Corso

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Elia Dal Corso
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Ainu Evidentiality: A semantico-pragmatic analysis and a morphosyntactic account
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Elia’s PhD research focuses on the instances of grammatical evidentiality found in Ainu, an endangered indigenous language spoken in northern Japan. In his research he uses both a descriptive approach, since he intends to give the first general cross-dialectal account on Ainu evidentials that considers both one dialect of the Hokkaidō variant (Saru dialect) and one of the Sakhalin variant (Rayciska dialect), and a comparative approach as he speculates if sharing a same or similar environment and/or cultural background may influence the expression of evidentiality and, if yes, in what way: here he compares the instances of grammatical evidentiality of Ainu with the evidentials, corresponding semantically and pragmatically to them, found in Nivkh (Sakhalin and Amur dialects) and Udihe, two neighboring but unrelated indigenous languages of Russia.
Elia has an MA degree in Japanese language and culture from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy. In his MA thesis he compared three different syntactical constructions of Japanese with the corresponding ones from Ainu. He speaks Italian, English, Japanese and he has been studying Ainu for three years.


Ainu, Nivkh, Udihe, Language description, Indigenous languages, Languages of Japan