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Miss Roberta Ginleiz Gattodoro

BA (Rome, Sapienza), MA (SOAS University of London)
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Roberta G. Gattodoro
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Miss Roberta Ginleiz Gattodoro
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The Transmission of the Puṇyavanta- Jātaka, A Sanskrit Buddhist text handed down into Chinese, Tocharian and Tibetan.
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The Sanskrit term jātaka describes a particular narrative within the Buddhist literature with purposes of educating disciples towards Buddhist virtues. Along with the advent of Buddhism in China, the jātakas were soon transmitted to the Far East in the Canonical Buddhist literature under the label of shengjing 生經. The jātaka onto which my research focuses is the Fo shuo guowang wu ren jing 佛說國王五人經, that carries two transmitted versions in Chinese, the first from Western Jin Dynasty and the latter from Song Dynasty, aside from its parallels in Sanskrit, Tocharian and Tibetan. My intention is that of investigating the tradition and translation processes while close-reading both Chinese texts in order to shed light upon textual and linguistic differences, taking this case of study so as to establish a tentative pattern of transmission and settlement for Buddhist Early Texts in comparison with their later counterparts.