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Staff Development

Recruitment and Selection: Part II FULL

Alison Cumpsty, Alison Cumpsty Consultancy

Date: 2 May 2014Time: 9:30 AM

Finishes: 2 May 2014Time: 4:45 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College BuildingsRoom: E17

Type of Event: Workshop

Please Note: This training will usually run each term and has been divided into 2 sessions. Participants can attend 1 or both parts each time the programme runs, and can complete the training in different terms. However, it is necessary to attend session 1 before session 2.

It was recommended by Equality Committee and agreed by the Executive Board (December 2006) that this training become mandatory for those sitting on recruitment panels.


Getting the right people into post is essential for the institution, and getting this wrong can be costly in terms of productivity, and may lead to legal proceedings. For this reason the following courses to support the development of best practice in recruitment and selection have been devised to ensure that the recruitment process is carried out correctly and that discrimination does not take place.

Objectives of the courses

To support and publicise the revised Recruitment Policy, and the revised Recruitment and Selection documentation

  • To ensure that those involved in R&S are aware of relevant Employment Law so that they do not contravene legislation
  • To ensure that those involved in R&S are aware of relevant equality and diversity legislation and how this should inform ¬†practice at all stages of the R&S process
  • To brief Chairs of panel on the specific duties and responsibilities specific to that role
  • To develop the specific skills and techniques related to interviewing
  • To develop the specific skills related to preparing the documentation relating to R&S

Recruitment and Selection (2): Preparing & holding the Interview

Time: 09.30 to 16.45
Workshop Leader: Alison Cumpsty, Alison Cumpsty Consultancy

NB Participants must have previously attended Recruitment and Selection (Part 1)

This session looks at the skills needed to put the principles outlined in Recruitment and Selection (1) into place in relation preparing for the interview. This will include building an enhanced awareness of recruitment best practice in terms of written documentation and record keeping, from internal procedures for advertising the post, writing the job specifications, job description, job advert through to making the necessary preparations for holding the interview and selecting the best candidate. There will be an opportunity to conduct an interview in this session.

Recruitment and Selection (1) Briefing: Legislation & Good Practice

Briefing by: SOAS Human Resources Staff (2 hours 30 minutes duration)

This briefing has been designed to provide details of the legislative framework in which the SOAS Recruitment and Selection Policy & Recruitment and Selection Procedure sit. It will additionally look at areas where individuals might unwittingly contravene legislation relating to employment law or equality and diversity issues, and highlight what is good practice.

To book you can apply for this course in one of two ways:
  1. Online (you will need to register for Staff Self-Service first if you have not already done so)
  2. By downloading a request form from the link on the right