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SOAS Self-Development Toolkit

SOAS Self-Development Toolkit offers a huge range of resources relating to leadership and management, such as Managing Your Team's Workload, Identifying Team Member Strengths, and Preparing to Give Feedback. Simply log in with your SOAS username and password at any time.

SOAS Management Programmes

Various programmes have been developed for SOAS managers, from those in first line positions to those at senior level, providing continuing professional development opportunities in management and leadership. Each programme supports SOAS’ Mission, Values and Strategic Plan. These programmes recognise that different events and interventions will be required to address School-wide issues, specific issues for target groups and individual development needs and have been designed to meet the needs of those on each programme.

Each programme will encourage participants to reflect on their current management style and provide the chance to discuss the challenges faced in their current role, or possible future roles. They have been developed in response to the need identified in the HR Strategy , and will provide managers with structured support to allow them to be more effective in their management roles. It has been recognised that it is important to continually develop leadership and management skills at all levels in order to achieve identified institutional goals and deliver high performance outcomes in a rapidly changing environment.

As far as possible each level will reflect the real experiences and needs of participants, and will equip managers to get the best from themselves and the people that they manage.

Aurora: Women's Leadership Development Programme

The Aurora Programme has been designed to encourage women in academic and professional roles to think about themselves as leaders, to develop leadership skills and to help institutions maximise the potential of these women. The programme is run by the Leadership Foundation and aimed at women in academic and professional roles up to senior lecturer level or professional services equivalent (Grade 9, but without substantial leadership experience) who would like to develop and explore issues relating to leadership roles and responsibilities.

Participants need to have the endorsement of their institution and be committed to developing and enhancing their career. They should be ambitious for a career in the sector and interested in exploring leadership and management as one option for progression. Further information is available on the Aurora Women's Leadership Development Programme page.

SOAS Management Development Programmes - Aims

To deliver the objectives identified in the HR Strategy & staff survey 2010 and annual follow up Pulse Surveys through:

  1. Leadership and management development programmes and support including people and performance management
  2. Briefings and other policy-led training to ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities regarding legislation on employment, health and safety and equality and diversity issues
  3. Provision of support for staff through change processes

If You Manage Staff

As well as looking at our programme with a view to your own training and development, you may also find it helpful to keep in mind the training needs of your staff. Apart from helping to set the context for a discussion of training needs during your SDR / appraisal meetings with staff, the contents of the programme can help with forward planning the training of all staff in whom you have a managerial interest.