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Teaching Mobility

The Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility scheme gives university teachers the opportunity to spend teaching periods abroad. As such SOAS staff can apply for funding to allow them to contribute to the curriculum of partner institutions on a short visit. Mobility grants for staff are provided as contributions towards both subsistence and travel, and there are proscribed amounts available for this on a daily rate per country with travel grants based on distance. NB There are some important changes to the scheme in 2019-20; please check the main Erasmus+ Staff mobility pages for further information about this.


The objectives of the Erasmus+ Teaching assignments are:

  • To allow students who are not able to participate in a mobility scheme to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of academic staff from HEIs in other European countries
  • To promote exchange of expertise and experience on pedagogical methods
  • To encourage HEIs to broaden and enrich the range and content of courses they offer


  • There must be a valid bilateral agreement in place between the sending and host institutions;
  • Travel must take place by 30 September;
  • Visits must include a minimum of 8 hours teaching per week or part of a week - although staff are encouraged to engage in other activities whilst they are visiting i.e. presentations about SOAS, guest lectures, discussing joint research etc;
  • For visits of over one week the teaching load must increase pro rata;
  • The visit should be primarily for teaching and not research;
  • Visits should be at least 2 working days. SOAS funding normally allows a visit of 5 working days but funding can be agreed for a maximum of 10 working days if this is necessary to deliver the teaching programme;
  • Subsistence rates have changed from previous years and staff should check exact amounts in advance (dependent on country and length of stay). Grants are intended to provide a contribution towards travel and subsistence. All receipts must be submitted with the SOAS Expenses form when claiming costs back;
  • Travel cost calculations have changed from previous years and are now calculated using the distance calculator supported by the European Commission. It is now highly likely that you will need to book tickets well in advance and/or with low cost carriers in order for the grant to fully cover the costs of flights.  Claims may cover travel from the point of departure to the host, but do not include local travel during the mobility;
  • Prior to departure, the Teaching Mobility Agreement should be agreed formally with signatures by the sending and host institutions plus the Staff Learning and Development Manager; evidence must be kept that this has been agreed prior to departure, and any amendments must also be formally agreed and retained;
  • Prior to departure, the Grant Agreement must be agreed and signed by the participant and the Staff Learning and Development Manager;
  • On completion of the mobility visit staff will need to complete an online evaluation form which is sent directly to the British Council; funds cannot be reimbursed until the form has been completed;
  • All participants will need to provide a Certificate Of Attendance from the host institution confirming the duration of stay and the number of teaching hours before any funds can be released.

How to apply

The initial deadline for expressions of interest in a teaching mobility this year is 29 November 2019. This should outline as a minimum the intended host institution, length of stay, approximate period of travel and broad objectives. The Teaching Mobility form will need to be completed and agreed by both SOAS and the host institution before funds can be allocated; the Erasmus Grant Agreement form will also need to be completed and submitted before departure.

Due to the small number of grants available it is advisable to check what funds are available before making advanced plans for any visit. Prior to departure: 

  • the Teaching Mobility form should be agreed formally by the sending and host institution, by exchange of letters or electronically. Evidence must be kept that this has been agreed prior to departure.  
  • Successful applicants will also need to sign an Erasmus Grant Agreement before their departure. 
  • Travel can be booked through the School's appointed travel agent, Key Travel. Accommodation can also be booked through Key Travel. This will allow you to book without having to cover the costs as SOAS will be invoiced for these bookings. If not booking through Key Travel and requesting an advance through the usual SOAS Advance system, please allow sufficient time for this to be processed.
  • Contact Serena Yeo, ext. 4128 or for further information about any aspect of the scheme or the application process.


An online report form must be completed following every Teaching Mobility period, and staff members will need to submit receipts for travel and subsistence using the School's Agresso system before being reimbursed. In addition you will need to provide a Certificate of Attendance confirming which days you were at the host institution.