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Complementary Therapies for Staff and Students

Complementary Therapists

BAATN (the Black, African & Asian Therapy Network) has started a directory of professionals offering a variety of complementary therapies, including yoga, aromatherapy and reiki.

Hypnotherapy with Caroline d'Auria

Caroline trained at Brighton University and has a Diploma in Solution-focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy, and she has been practising since 2017. She is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

Hypnotherapy produces a natural state of trance, into which we all enter naturally many times every day. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, you are essentially in a trance state, albeit a unhelpful one. It can also happen when a person is very focussed or concentrating hard, say on a film or book for instance, and the outside world disappears and is blocked out, or when you are thinking deeply and don’t notice things happening around you. That’s a trance and it is a completely natural state. When you are in this focussed trance state it is much easier for you to re-programme the brains neural pathways and form more helpful patterns of thinking, which is what Caroline helps you achieve in the session.

Sessions are charged at £25 for a one hour session tailored to the individual needs of each Student with half an hour of Psychotherapy followed by a further half hour of Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy.
Plus, due to the Pandemic situation and the related stress issues surrounding this, Caroline has introduced a new Covid 19/lockdown stress reducing hypnotic induction focussing on issues relating to our ‘new normal’. These sessions will be £15 for a 40-45 minute session focussing on those issues.

Usually only 1 - 3 sessions are necessary with Solution Focussed Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy and sometimes 1 session is enough to change unhelpful styles of thinking, obviously it is different for everyone.

More information is available on Caroline's website where you can email her for more information or to make a booking.

Chair Massage & Reflexology with Kristian Saetre

Kristian is a mobile therapist travelling from Woodford, which means he can come to your home
(making it as safe and comfortable as a treatment room). He would prefer to cover areas in East/North London, but please feel free to get in touch and discuss this with Kristian. Please bear in mind that his availability is more limited than usual, to leave time for more cleaning/sanitising in between treatments and using public transport at non-peak hours if possible etc.

Kristian is qualified and has built up experience in body massage (similar to Swedish), deep tissue, on-site chair massage and manual lymphatic massage (including cancer support and palliative care).

He will mainly be able to offer a chair massage (covering neck, shoulders and back). Treatments on a massage couch (covering back/front of legs, back and front/back of arms) can be discussed if you live in an area that is easier to reach by car.

Kristian is in need of some case studies (completing some forms for consultation/feedback) in exchange for 1 hour of reflexology treatment, including consultation and aftercare advice.
Since he studying this technique and not allowed to take any payments, the suggested donation is £25 (included costs of travelling) but this can be discussed.

Please contact Kristian via email:, phone: 0208 1449161, or visit his website.

Physiotherapy with Alain Li Ko Lun

As a qualified physiotherapist and exercise specialist, Alain has a passion for musculoskeletal physiotherapy. Alain has worked with people from all walks of life and enjoys helping people to improve both their physical and psychological health. Alain is also trained as a personal trainer and in Acupuncture, Sports Massage, Spinal Manipulation and Sonography and he continues to enhance his knowledge and skills for the benefit of his patients.‚Äč

Further information about services offered can be found on Alain's website. To book, email Alain on, phone 07769970720 or book via the website. Concessions for SOAS students are available - please mention SOAS when booking.

Light Box

Please feel free to use the Student Advice and Wellbeing light box, located in the waiting room within SL48.

Some students have reported this to be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of SAD.

  • Start treatment in the autumn, as soon as symptoms begin (ideally, even before symptoms begin)
  • Sit 2-3 feet away from the light box
  • Face the bright light, but you do not have to look directly into it
  • The length of light therapy needed each day varies. If the light source is very powerful (10,000 lux) then 30-45 minutes per day is usually sufficient. With less powerful light boxes, 2-3 hours per day are needed
  • You can do things such as eating, desk work, reading, knitting, etc, whilst sitting in front of the light box
  • Some studies suggest that treatment early in the morning works best, but other studies do not confirm this. Therefore, it is often recommended that light therapy is done as early as possible in the day

The above guidance is from

These instructions are to help students use the light responsibly, the light box is an open resource and SAaW are not responsible for inappropriate use.

Please use this equipment responsibly and switch off after use.