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Complementary Therapies for Staff and Students

Light Box

Please feel free to use the Student Advice and Wellbeing light box, located in the waiting room within SL48.

Some students have reported this to be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of SAD.

  • You start treatment in the autumn, as soon as symptoms begin (ideally, even before symptoms begin)
  • You sit 2-3 feet away from the light box
  • You face the bright light, but you do not have to look directly into it
  • The length of light therapy needed each day varies. If the light source is very powerful (10,000 lux) then 30-45 minutes per day is usually sufficient. With less powerful light boxes, 2-3 hours per day are needed
  • You can do things such as eating, desk work, reading, knitting, etc, whilst sitting in front of the light box
  • Some studies suggest that treatment early in the morning works best, but other studies do not confirm this. Therefore, it is often recommended that light therapy is done as early as possible in the day

The above guidance is from the

These instructions are to help students use the light responsibly, the light box is an open resource and SAaW are not responsible for inappropriate use.

Please use this equipment responsibly and switch off after use.