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Undergraduate Student Support & Fees

UK undergraduate Degree Students

Tuition fees:

SOAS will charge £9000 for new entrants in the 2016/17 academic year. For more details, see the Registry fees section of our website.

Loan for fees:

UK nationals living in England can apply for a non-means-tested tuition fee loan from the government to cover the full cost of the fees.  You repay this loan once you have left university and are earning over £21,000 per year. To apply please see the Gov.UK website

Maintenance loan:

Students who start in 2016/17 can get up to £10,702 per year if you live away from your parental home, or £6,904 if you live with your parents. A proportion of the loan depends on your family income.

Students who started in 2012/13 or after can get up to £8,202 per year if you live away from your parental home, or £4,675 if you live with your parents. You get slightly less if you are in your final year. A proportion of the loan depends on your family income.

You repay this loan only after leaving university and earning over £21,000 per annum and then you only repay 9% of earnings above £21,000. For more information see the Gov.UK website

Students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have slightly different student support systems – see the links at the bottom of this Gov.UK website page for details.

Maintenance grant or Special Support grant:

Non-repayable grants are available based on household income on a sliding scale. Students who start in 2015/16 or before can get up to £3,387 for academic year 2016/17.

To calculate your entitlement, visit the Student Finance England Student Finance Calculator 

Extra financial support from SOAS:

SOAS also offer financial support for undergraduates ordinarily resident in England who are starting a degree in 2016/17. For more details see the Registry's Undergraduate Funding page

Supplementary grants

Additional grants are available for students with adult or child dependants and for disabled students. Travel grants are available for compulsory year abroad students. 

EU students

Some EU national students can apply for the full package of funding as above.  You must show that either:

(1) you have lived in the UK for the 5 years preceding the 1 September before your programme starts; or

(2) that you have lived in the European Economic Area during the three years, and that you are living in the UK on 1 September (of the year your programme starts), and that you are working, including part-time work.  If you are eligible for funding on this basis, you must continue to work throughout your programme. For more information about applying as an EEA worker, please see this UKCISA web page.

Other EU national students, and their family members, can apply in the UK for a tuition fee loan for the tuition fees on the same basis as UK students. Please see this Gov.UK page. You apply using a paper form and will need to correct programme name as listed on this Registry section web page. You may also be eligible for help with living costs from sources in your home country.

Full information and the online application form please see