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Student Carers

"If you look after your partner, or a relative or friend who is ill or disabled, you are a carer, although you may not necessarily think of yourself that way. There are many ways that you might care for the person. Perhaps you’re on hand 24 hours a day to provide the care they need, or maybe you arrange their hospital appointments for them, or drop round each day to keep them company or to cook their dinner. If you live further away, you might visit them once a month to check on their wellbeing. Whether you have cared for the person for a long time, are temporarily helping them (for example, while they recuperate from an operation), or have just become a carer, it’s useful to know what support is available to you." - Age UK

Financial Support

As a carer, you may be entitled to additional financial support. If you are studying an undergraduate programme you could qualify for the Adult Dependents Grant from the Student Loans Company. Whatever level of programme you study you may also be entitled to a grant from the Access to Learning Fund. Some students may also qualify for benefits from the government to help with caring responsibilities. To find out about of these options, please book an appointment with the International Student and Welfare Advisor.

Other support

Being a carer could have an impact on your studies. The Academic Development Directorate offer a variety of support to help you organise your studies around your caring responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to let your lecturers, personal adviser or faculty know about your circumstances.

For additional advice and support:
  • Carers UK is an organisation that provides support for carers
  • The Guardian has a dedicated section for news relating to carers
  • Age UK page with advice for carers of older people
  • Which? Later Life Care free independent and practical advice about caring for older people in the UK