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Documentation from the Counselling Service Related to Mitigating Circumstances

Please see this mySOAS page for information on mitigating circumstances and how to apply. The mitigating circumstances policy is linked on this page.

Please note that Student Advice and Wellbeing has no involvement in the mitigating circumstances process, other than to provide supporting documentation (if requested) for students who have already used our service for at least one 50-minute appointment with a counsellor or mentor, or who have received advice or assistance with exceptional financial or accommodation issues. Evidence of mitigating circumstances can be provided by SAaW staff, at their discretion and dependent upon individual circumstances, where the student has already attended an appointment.

We cannot guide students on making a mitigating circumstances application and the SAaW services should not be sought for the primary purpose of obtaining supporting evidence. 

For impartial, confidential advice and support you could consider contacting Advent Advocacy, which provides free and independent advocacy services to SOAS students, by emailing our contact, Noely, on

Updated December 2021