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Ten Top Tips for Anxiety

  1. Self care
    • Diet: AVOID/LIMIT caffeine, alcohol, sugar, drugs
    • Pay attention to sleep regularity
    • Use relaxation techniques
  2. Doing things
    • Be active
    • Use exercise
    • Focus on others
  3. Make your anxiety concrete
    • Turn anxiety into a problem with a possible solution
    • Make it present, not past or future
  4. Talk to someone: professional or personal
  5. Avoid stimuli:
    • notice how you might feed your potential anxiety
  6. 'Feel the fear and do it anyway':
    • What’s the worst thing that could happen?
  7. Use a journal, use your creativity
  8. Play, laugh
  9. Use awareness
    • Focusing, mindfulness, meditation
  10. Re-frame your anxiety
    • Anxiety can be reframed as excitement, being on the edge of newness, growth
    • Note your negative thought habits.  Reframe negative thoughts, test the reality



      Support network for those experiencing social anxiety

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