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Award Winners 2013/14

We are delighted to have been able to fund the following projects. There was considerable competition and we would like to congratulate the following people:

Brendan Lawson, MA Media in Development, 1st year

Brendan’s project, Media Literacy on the Developing World, will set up workshops for young adults in London to explore the stereotypes of the so called ‘developing world’. The workshops will address how these stereotypes are created and the damaging effects of these stereotypes through dialogue, film screening and critically engaging in media portrayals of the ‘developing world’. These workshops will be conducted in three weekly workshops at local 6th forms and colleges in London.  

Mariam Salah, BA History and Social Anthropology, 2nd year

Reading Cubs, an initiative started by Mariam, will provide literacy support in the form of a club to 5-8 year old pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds in London. Mariam wants to inspire creativity and enthuse a love of learning and reading amongst these pupils. Reading Cubs’ pilot project will take place over 6 weeks in the summer and will use 10 volunteers to deliver the workshops. Additionally, Mariam will organise a book drive in order to collect donated books for the pupils.

Ken Hayes, Msc Globalisation and Development, 1st year

SOAS Bees is a project that will establish two beehives and a garden on the roof of SOAS’ research building. Ken and the other participants involved will also be running training and educational events to engage students and staff about bees and their role in natural processes. Kenneth Hayes (pdf; 137kb)

Joanna Zhi Hiu, MA Cultural Studies, 1st year

Lifejackets for Hope aims to provide food for homeless people in the Euston, Russell Square and King’s Cross area. Joanna’s project will gather leftover food that is discarded from nearby vendors and set up food distribution points for the homeless to receive a welfare package of food and other donated items. 60 second interview with Joanna Zhi Hiu (pdf; 389kb)

Carolynn Look, BA Chinese and Development Studies, 3rd year and Jayni Gudka, Msc Asian Politics, 2nd year

Carolynn and Jayni want to address the misrepresented ways women are portrayed in the media. Their project, Ourglass, has long term goals of establishing a kitemark, indicating ethically-marketed products for consumers. Ourglass is similar to FairTrade, but would instead address female representation in the media. Carolynn Look and Jayni Gudka (pdf; 353kb)

Zoe Vokes, BA South Asian Studies and Study of Religion, 4th year

Wild Revolution aims to be a business that will import health foods from around the world into the UK and address the UK’s sugar problem, with natural sweeteners. Wild Revolution’s first product would be a completely natural sweetener extracted from a particular variety of palm tree. Through Wild Revolution, Zoe wants to tackle the huge social problems currently being created in the UK through unhealthy diets. Zoe Vokes (pdf; 356kb)

Baharak Zargarei, Bsc Economics, 3rd year

Mocktails and More will produce bottled mocktails to cater to the non-alcoholic consumer goods market. Baharak aims to tackle alcoholism by giving 10% of Mocktails and More’s profits to organisations that deal with recovering alcoholics.

Semhair Haile, BA Economics and Development Studies, 2nd year

Semhair’s project, Foundations, aims to empower young people in care and care leavers, particularly refugee and asylum seekers by supporting them in their pursuit of higher education or further job training. Foundations will provide information on A-levels, university options, and alternative training programmes. Through this initiative, Semhair hopes to give care leavers a smoother transition into higher education or work. Semhar Haile (pdf; 338kb)

Dzifa Appeah, LLM, 1st year

The African Language and Cultural Centre (ALCC) is a venture which seeks to engage British children and young people from the ages of 3-18 in African and Caribbean heritage. ALCC will engage children and young adults in African cultural classes that will involve learning about African history, art, drumming and dancing.

Sarah Bedford, Graduate Diploma in Economics

Eat&Greet is a social enterprise which aims to tackle the problem of social isolation in care homes. They will bring care home residents together with groups of visitors, over a weekly lunch in the care home. 50% of the profits will go to the care home. 

Award Winners 2012/13

Fred Nisser, BA Chinese and History, 4th year

Fred’s project will use climbing as an activity to bring together young people from different social backgrounds, organising and fundraising for a climbing trip as well as using the sport to break down social barriers.

Rosa Kurowska Kyffin, MA History (China) 2012

This project will be to develop two pilot workshops, a website, and a set of resources for high school students and community history groups.  These workshops will provide a forum for academics working in relevant areas engage with community history groups and high school students in their area and vice-versa. Rosa Kurowska Kyffin (pdf; 465kb)

Filippo La Verghetta, BA Arabic and Politics, 4th year

Following work setting up a library for detainees in Cairo, Filippo is going to do the same in community organisations and spaces in the UK, using discarded and second-hand books, generating income by selling some of the books online and inviting contributions from beneficiary community centres. Filippo La Verghetta (pdf; 139kb)

Adrian Ochs, BA Economics and Politics, 2nd year

The Venture Creator is a hub for the establishment of student enterprise projects, teaching the students how to set up and run their own businesses and charities. It will generate revenue through the projects it backs; the first project, Wanderlust Nut Butters, is already at the sales stage.

Kiran Yoliswa, MSc Development Studies, 2nd year

StyledByAfrica aiming to set up an online ecommerce store, with a particular focus on highlighting and selling contemporary design by young creatives of African origin, building on the strong relationship between people of African origin in the UK and their heritage.  Kiran Yoliswa (pdf; 149kb)

Kathleen Yung, MA Anthropology of Food, 2012

This project is based around an event and competition to promote the re-association of culture with food. Kathleen Yung (pdf; 377kb)

Alessia Cervone, MA Globalisation and Multinational Corporations

The project, “Cup It!” is designed to change the behaviour of staff and students, and induce them to stop using disposable cups, through a programme of incentives and events.

Karolina Grzech, MPhil Field Linguistics (year 1), graduate MA Language Documentation and Description (2011)

Language Landscape, will provide people with the opportunity to record and share contemporary linguistic records, and over time build up a database of languages, dialects and differing forms.

Ernestine Cath, BA Social Anthropology, 4th year

Ernestine has a long history of working in development and with socially disadvantaged people internationally. She is using this to build a detainee support organisation that will help those in detention in the UK by visiting and providing support to detainees in centres here. Ernestine Cath (pdf; 444kb)

Thalia Gigerenzer, MA Social Anthropology, 2012

The project, Meet and Two Veg, aims to overcome urban isolation in London by preparing and serving meals on the London Underground, which are available to all users of the transport service. They are planning a number of pop-up and other experiential events that will generate revenue. Meet and 2 Veg - 60 second interview (pdf; 472kb)

Kanika Selvan, BA History and Development

Parallel Road is a new interactive workshop that will look to inspire and challenge young current and ex-gang members of Manchester. Kanika Selvan (pdf; 255kb) Read the updated success story of Parallel Roads: Parallel Roads - Success Story (pdf; 360kb)

Asher Majeed, BA Politics, 2nd Year

EdInfinitum will partner with secondary schools to create a free online environment for students, extending the reach of teachers beyond the classroom, to underprivileged students across the UK. Asher aims to tackle the exclusion of disadvantaged pupils from quality learning resources. Project objectives are to provide video tutorials, and a website platform that prioritises usability, with 30 teachers helping develop the videos.

Swati Sen, MMUS Ethnomusicology, 2012-13 (Part time)

Swati will develop a music club, encouraging members to meet and perform, with a different musical theme chosen for each meeting. She is aiming to tackle the lack of a forum for like-minded people to share their interest in Indian music. It will help unite the Indian diaspora community with English people interested in Indian culture. The club aims to encourage social harmony, cultural awareness and integration.

Matthew Smith MSc Development Studies, (2011-2012)

Community Care Consultancy will provide consulting and people development services to secular and faith based charities, social enterprises and community development across the UK, mainly focusing on the Thanet area. The overall aim is to up-skill clients’ employees and also to promote inter-charity cooperation. It aims to provide support for existing and start up localised charitable interventions to one of the most impoverished regions in England   Matthew Smith - 60 second interview (pdf; 331kb)

Eisha Kumar, MMus Performance,Year 1

Her venture will provide affordable and basic training in gentle martial – arts derived forms. It aims to tackle a wide variety of issues including addiction, depression and low self – esteem through developing resilience, drive and respect. Eisha Karol Kumar (pdf; 355kb)

Kiran Flynn, BA History, 3rd Year

The aim of the project is to facilitate and support students from inner – city, disadvantaged backgrounds in London, Bradford and Glasgow to make their voices heard on areas of concern to them.  Kiran aims to do this by developing their communication skills and working with a new media organisation to offer skills training and mobilise support. She aims to tackle the lack of opportunities and underrepresentation of young people in deprived urban areas, and plans to support six groups of up to 15 young people. Kiran Flynn - 60 second interview (pdf; 384kb)

Winnie Warimi Maganjo, BSc Economics, 3rd Year

Wanderlust is dedicated to making fun and healthy gourmet nut butter. Their motivation is to both encourage entrepreneurship amongst students, and improve nutrition in society. They aim to give advice to students, as well as selling organic and fair-trade products to promote better nutrition.