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SEC Results 2011/12


The student evaluation of courses results for 2011-2012 are summarised below. A detailed breakdown of results has been made available to Heads of Departments and other managers. A report will go to the relevant School and Faculty Committees for consideration in term 1 of the academic session.

Survey Outcomes

The feedback given shows an overall level of satisfaction of 76% down from 81% in the previous session. Two areas which have seen an improvement are 'I received helpful feedback from teachers about my progress on the course' and 'I had sufficient contact with my teachers' following a number of focused initiatives.

Response rates were slightly down on last year at 43%. Measures are being take to improve the response rates for the 2012/13 academic session.

Where we are doing well

The following highlights those areas that students were most happy with, by scoring 4 or 5 out of a maximum of 5 (mostly or definitely agreeing):

  • 90% said that lecture sessions were regular and punctual.
  • 92% said that they attended lecture sessions regularly.
  • 90% said that they attended seminar/tutorial sessions.
  • 86% said that teachers in their lectures prepared their teaching thoroughly

Where we could do better

Those areas below scored less favourably, based on mostly or definitely agree:

  • 58% said that the library resources were sufficient
  • 61% said that they were given enough time to absorb what they had to learn
  • 51% said they had received sufficient support and advice from the faculty office.

Where we have got better

  • 62% said that they received helpful feedback from teachers about their progress on the course (up 4% from 2010/11)
  • 77% said that teachers made the subject interesting (up 5 % from 2010/11)
  • 72% said that they had sufficient contact with their teachers (up 4% from 2010/11)

School-wide responses to each question

QuestionAgree %+/- on 2010/11+/- on 2009/10
1. The teaching in my lectures   
Teachers were good at explaining things81-6-4
Teachers made the subject interesting77-50
Teachers motivated me to work well70-2+2
Teachers were enthusiastic about what they were teaching85-4-1
Teachers made an effort to understand my difficulties68-20
Teachers prepared their teaching thoroughly86-3-1
Sessions were regular and punctual900+1
2. The teaching in my tutorials   
Teachers were good at explaining things76-7-4
Teachers made the subject interesting73-5-3
Teachers motivated me to work well71-1+2
Teachers were enthusiastic about what they were teaching81-30
3. The assessment on my course   
The assessment methods were appropriate to the course7800
The criteria to be used in marking were clear in advance65-1+2
Course assessment arrangements and marking were fair72-1-1
4. Knowledge and Skills   
I feel confident that I acquired knowledge of the subject77-4-2
The course was intellectually stimulating77-7-4
My interest in the subject has increased72-9-6
The course sharpened my analytical skills60-13-10
5. Student's contribution to the course   
I attended lecture sessions regularly90-2-1
I was well prepared for lectures/seminars76+1+2
I attended seminar/tutorial sessions88-2-1
I contributed well to seminar discussions74+2+5
I submitted work on time82-3-2
6. Language Students   
The grammatical explanations given in class were clear80+15-2
The textbook(s) used for the course was/were very suitable68+11-5
There was the right balance between the teaching of speaking, reading and writing skills60+10-5
The stronger students were not allowed to dominate classes64+12-3
Written work was always marked helpfully and returned promptly79+16+3
7. Course organisation and management   
The course was well-designed and ran smoothly77-4-3
The course enabled me to pursue my academic interests71-7-4
I found the overall workload was appropriate71-6-3
I was given enough time to absorb what I had to learn61-4-1
It was clear what I was required to attend, prepare, and do throughout the course79-2-2
8. Support and advice   
I received helpful feedback from teachers about my progress in the course62+4+5
I had sufficient contact with my teachers72+4+7
I found other students helped me understand the course67-1+4
Whenever I had cause to visit the Faculty Office in relation to this course, I was satisfied with the level of service received51-7-3
9. Learning Resources   
Paper based course materials were useful83+1+3
Online course materials were useful81+1+1
The library resources were sufficent58-6-1
I was always able to access general IT resources when required67-1+13
10. Overall   
Overall, I was satisfied with the quality of the course76-5-4