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What you need to know about getting a Student Visa and applying for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

You'll find useful information in our  International Students Handbook (pdf; 382kb) and Student Advice and Wellbeing pages on Immigration, as well as in the following section:

 Note: If we sponsor you for your Student Visa, we might ask you to verify your immigration status at various points during your studies with us. Please make sure you respond if we get in touch, otherwise we’ll have to withdraw our sponsorship.

Applying for a CAS for the start of your programme

New students

Our Admissions team will issue your Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS). You’ll need it to apply for a Student (General) Visa.  

Please complete and submit the application forms with appropriate supporting documents:

You’ll need to do this if you’re starting a new registration period with us – even if you’ve previously completed studies with us and are applying to join us again for a new degree.

Undergraduate students
You will tell us that you need a visa when you apply through UCAS and you'll be able to provide the relevant details. We will contact you to let you know if we need any more information or when we have allocated your CAS.

If you’ve transferred from one degree to another this might mean you need to extend your visa, in which case, the Registry will issue your CAS.

See the important documents section below for what you need to bring.

If you need more advice or information on the Visa application process, see our Student Advice and Wellbeing immigration page. 

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Applying for a CAS during your studies

If you’ve already started studying with us and you need to apply for a new visa (either as an extension or because your previous visa application was refused), you need to apply for your CAS with the Registry. There are two forms available:

Read the important documents section below to see what you need to bring.

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Important documents to get your CAS

Before we issue your CAS, we need to verify some information. It’s very important that you respond to these requests for information as quickly as possible to avoid delaying your start at SOAS.  

We have to verify:

  • Level of any previous study in the UK
  • Number of years of any previous study in the UK
  • Current Passport and any current visa
  • Reason for visa refusal (if it applies here)

We’ll email your CAS to you and it’s valid for 6 months. Make sure the information on your visa application matches the information on your CAS, otherwise your visa could be refused.

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Making your visa application

You are strongly advised to read though our online guidance about making a Student visa application and the documents you will require to do this before applying for your visa. 

If you need help at any stage, get in touch with our Student Advisors (Immigration and Finance) (

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Visa refusals

If your visa application is refused, please inform the Student Visa compliance team, including a copy of the refusal notice, as quickly as possible (

We’ll need to see a copy of your refusal letter. Then we’ll be able to advise you on what to do next, and whether we can issue you with a new CAS.

If your visa is refused on financial grounds, or because the required documents were not received, we’ll only be able to issue you with one further CAS. If you’re refused again, we won’t be able to sponsor you for your studies and you won’t be able to stay on as a student at SOAS.  

Before you apply again for a visa after a refusal, we strongly recommend getting advice from the Student Advisors (Immigration and Finance) ( to avoid being refused again.

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For the majority of our students, the start of term is Welcome Season. During this week you will undertake the formal enrolment process in addition to attending various Department meetings and events. There may be some changes to this setup for the 2020/21 academic year so please look out for further information as you approach the start of your course.

Usually, the formal enrolment process is fairly straightforward. You will be emailed in advance and given a specific enrolment period and you must come to the enrolment event during the times given. You must ensure that you bring the following documents with you:

  • Passport (original)
  • 30/90 day entry visa (in your passport if you applied for a visa outside the UK)
  • BRP (original)
  • Visa Acceptance Letter (sent by UKVI to confirm your application was successful)
  • Copy of your offer letter (this may be required by your department)
  • Proof of payment of fees or funding

When you arrive at the enrolment event, you will see a member of staff who will verify various pieces of information, including that you have a UK address (this is a mandatory requirement of UKVI and must be provided as soon as you have secured a place to stay). A copy of your passport and visa/BRP will be retained by us as proof that we have verified your identity and that you have appropriate leave to study in the UK. Staff may also need to verify that your fees have been paid, or you have secured appropriate funding.

**For the 2020/21 academic year there will be some changes to this process which will include online checking of your documents and details, please look out for more information about this and follow instructions carefully and as soon as possible.**

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Sponsor compliance and contact details checks 

As an international student holding a Student visa, you are required to keep SOAS updated with your term-time contact details including your address, mobile number and email address. You can update your contact details by using SOAS Online Services.

As your Student visa sponsor, SOAS have certain obligations to ensure that we maintain this sponsorship according to current UKVI rules and regulations.

As part of this duty, we will carry out regular checks of Student visa holder files and you can expect to receive contact from the Registry during each academic year associated with these checks. We are required to check that:

  • we hold a UK term time address for all Student visa holders
  • we hold telephone number for all Student visa holders
  • students enrolled temporarily with pending visa applicationskeep us updated as to the progress of that application
  • students attend as appropriate and are engaged with their studies
  • students apply for a new CAS and visa before the expiry of a current visa

Most of these checks will take place without you noticing, but if any required data is missing from your record, or your visa is running out, you may receive emails from us to inform you of what you need to do.

You will be contacted, using your SOAS email address during the year to check the details we currently hold about you are correct. Full details of this will be emailed to you, to give you time to update your UK contact details. If your details change during the year, you can update us at any time using SOAS Online Services.

Students who fail to adhere to visa regulations put their Student visa status at risk which can result in the School withdrawing visa sponsorship leading to curtailment of your visa.

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Changes to your personal details

If your details change, you must let both SOAS and UKVI know about it.

You can let UKVI know online but you might have to send in documents in some circumstances. Please make sure you get in touch directly with UKVI – we can't do it for you.

If you have a police registration requirement on your visa, you must also let the police know of your changes in details – you can do this at any Police station within seven days of the change. You’ll need to take your Police Registration Certificate with you. Full details of how to register with the police, and how to update the police of relevant changes can be found on the website of the Metropolitan Police Overseas Visitors Records Office (OVRO).

Read more in our  International Students Handbook (pdf; 382kb)   

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what you need here, try our  International Students Handbook (pdf; 382kb) and the Student Advice and Wellbeing web pages on Immigration.

Please note: If we sponsor you for your Student Visa, we might ask you to verify your immigration status at various points during your studies with us. Please make sure you respond if we get in touch, otherwise we’ll have to withdraw our sponsorship.