Enroling now: April-July term 2023

We are now enroling for our term starting 24 April.

Please be aware that places are first come first served. Enrolments are taken until the course is fully booked, or up to midnight 11 April, whichever is soonest.

  • please register by the deadline to guarantee a place in a class of the right level and day, and to avoid under-quorum class cancellations.
  • late enrolments could result in course info delays such as login details not being ready and activated in time for the first lesson.

Select the timetables below to view the full list of scheduled courses and how to enrol

What our students have said

"The (online) lessons are wonderful! They have massively exceeded my expectations. I was apprehensive about the online delivery of these language classes, but it has been very well executed."

"The way the (online) system works is very impressive, the splitting into groups very efficient, and it is quite fun to change groups at each exercise."

"The transition to online learning was surprisingly smooth due in part to the students' enthusiasm but also to the flexibility and dedication of our teachers and their passion for teaching. Together, we managed to re-create the positive, lively atmosphere that we had in class due to the camaraderie between students and teachers."

Peter Goodwin - "Aileen is terrific, and she generates four different streams of work: the on-line lesson, post lesson homework, pre-lesson preparations, and the "quizlet" compilations she has created to help the learning process. As well as this she marks homework promptly and contributes to our WhatsApp discussions. All hugely positive. This is a great opportunity for me and I'm thankful to her and SOAS."