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Study Abroad / Exchange Student Testimonials

Karoline Tufte Lien, University of Oslo

Study Abroad Programme

Karoline Lien

SOAS is a great school to have on your resumé. There is so much to see and experience in a multicultural city like London, you might not even want to leave.

Sonja Bartsch, Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg

Erasmus Programme

Sonja Bartsch

I met so many people from different countries, which was an unbelievable experience. Here you can find friends for a lifetime from all over the world and it definitely broadens your horizon.

Roku Foku, Vassar College

Study Abroad Programme

Roku Foku

The lecturers are passionate about teaching and the students have a passion to learn.

Natalie Chaney, Washington University in St. Louis

Study Abroad Programme

Natalie Chaney

When you come to London, you don’t just come to exchange ideas with the English, but to exchange ideas and culture with people from all of the world. This is especially true at SOAS.

Suzanne Jacobson, Hamilton College

Study Abroad Programme

Suzanne Jacobson

It’s important to remember that your time here is limited and that you should take advantage of all of the opportunities that this experience has to offer, whether it’s meeting new people, wandering the streets, visiting a museum, or travelling to new countries.

Simge Erdogan, Boğaziçi University

Erasmus Programme

HI-Simge Erdogan

SOAS is more than a university, it is a lifestyle. Every moment I spent at SOAS was a memory and every memory at SOAS was unforgettable.

Katja Utz, University of Heidelberg

Erasmus Programme

AA-Katja Utz

The UK and especially London is a great place to study. SOAS in particular offers a warm and hearty atmosphere with the opportunity to study at a renowned university and get to know people from everywhere in the world.

Katherine Wycisk, Wake Forest University

Study Abroad Programme

Katherine Wycisk

Londoners are the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and one conversation will shatter forever the image of the British as cold and aloof.

Kemi Oyewole, Spelman College

Study Abroad Programme

Kemi Oyewole

There are numerous academic resources if you need support and even more social events. It seems every country in the world is represented in the UK, so it is a true global experience!

Alexis Berko, Wesleyan University

Study Abroad Programme

Alexis Berko

What was unexpected and my favourite part about studies at SOAS is that in my classes, I could more or less choose the direction in which my studies were going

Ramy Sedhom, Siena College

Study Abroad Programme

Ramy Sedhom

London is definitely an ideal place for a university student and I believe that the city prides itself on that

Jason Hill, Tufts University

Study Abroad Programme

Jason Hill

SOAS has exceeded my expectations; in fact, I could not be happier with my lecturers and their courses

Michael Sinacore, Boston College

Study Abroad Programme

Mike Sinacore

Living in Dinwiddy was amazing. My flatmates were all very welcoming. Because of them, I feel like I got a full British experience

Tora Toreng, University of Oslo

Study Abroad Programme

Tora Toreng

I really enjoyed the language course. The teachers are amazing and give every student the attention they need.

Hristina Racheva, INALCO France

Erasmus Programme

Hristina Racheva

London is city that offers a thing to everyone. Luckily, most of these “things” are available for free or at a low price if booked in advance.

Farida Begum, Barnard College

Study Abroad Programme

Farida Begum

The people are nice, the academics are inspiring, and the city is marvellous! Why would anyone not want to come?!