SOAS University of London

Hristina Racheva, INALCO France, Year Abroad

My primary destination has always been SOAS, not London. But I somehow got attached to the crowded, and yet cosy, streets of London, with its tiny cafes and shops that take you on multicultural tours around the world.

ERASMUS Exchange from January - June 2011

Which courses did you study at SOAS?

  • Translation Theory
  • Translation Technology
  • Practical Translation from and into Persian
  • Psychology of Language

Why did you choose SOAS?

The reason why I wanted to come to SOAS was the great diversity of languages offered and the Persian language in particular.

What did you enjoy most about your academic studies?

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the usual distance that exists between a student and a lecturer does not at SOAS. Instead, it was a two-way relationship, with questions and answers, listening and speaking - on both sides.

How did you spend your free time? 

London is a city that offers a thing to everyone. Luckily, most of these “things” are available for free or at a low price if booked in advance. All that time I was trying to make the best of being a student and get discounts for different events and purchases.