SOAS University of London

Joshua Tan, Monash University, Year Abroad

I enjoyed the availability of a diverse range of units – something that you might not be able to get anywhere else. Also, the knowledge of the lecturers, particularly Diamond Ashiagbor, was incredible. In seminars, you would just get the feeling that she knew everything she was talking about and could answer any question.

Study Abroad September 2012 - June 2013

Which courses did you take at SOAS?

  • Labour Law
  • Legal Systems of Asia and Africa
  • Chinese Law
  • European Human Rights / EU Law

Why did you choose SOAS?

To begin wth, I wanted to go to London on an exchange. Therefore, my choices were narrowed down a fair bit. When looking at the various universities available, I felt that SOAS offered a very wide unit structure (in Law), which included run-of-the-mill units like contract and property. However, what interested me was the availability of unorthodox units like Legal Systems of Asia and Africa, which although is similar to jurisprudence, has a very wide global focus.

Aside from the academics, research showed me that SOAS had a very multicultural student body. This appealed to me, as I come from a very international background, having lived in nearly every part of the world.

Finally, I found that SOAS carries a very small student population (compared to other universities). Similar to a high school, this appealed to me as well – you get to know everyone in your course and units, and there is a strong feeling of cohesion.

How would you describe living in London?

London is one of the most amazing cities in the world. Whatever day of the week it is, there would always be something different to do. Living in halls was an amazing experience as well, and I made friendships that will last for life. Besides the whole student life, there also are so many different tourist experiences available. In a nutshell, I highly recommend this.