SOAS University of London

Katja Utz, University of Heidelberg, Year Abroad

The public transport in London is just great as it is easy to get around and also to get to other cities in the UK. The beautiful cities Cambridge and Oxford are basically around the corner and definitely worth visiting and many other nice British cities and places are also easy to get to from London.

Erasmus Exchange, September - December 2013

Which courses did you take at SOAS?

What did you enjoy most about your academic studies?

SOAS offered me the opportunity to get a completely new perspective on art and archaeology. As I am a student of European history of art, the insight into the art and archaeology of other cultures broadened my horizon and helped me to create a more refined and new understanding of art history. Furthermore, the lecturer and tutors were always available and helpful so that I was never afraid of the assessments and I never felt that I could not manage the academic challenges as I always knew where to go for help and that I would get useful information and help immediately. 

In addition, the life at university including the student societies and the extracurricular program at SOAS enriched this experience and built an astonishing atmosphere that welcomed everyone - no matter what you study or where you are from. To put it in a nutshell – SOAS is an exceptional place to study where you immediately feel at home. My time there not only helped me to advance my academic knowledge but also my personality as SOAS is a place where you meet people from everywhere in the world and where you are free to state your opinion.

How would you describe living in London?

London is such a vibrant, international and multicultural city like no other. What SOAS is in terms of universities is London in terms of cities. In my opinion, you can hardly ever get bored in London as there is so much to do and experience. The atmosphere of the many different markets is just magic and the many different art galleries and museums help you not only to study in front of the actual objects but are also a nice way of spending your leisure time – and all of that free of charge! In general the art and music scene in London is fantastic – for someone who is interested in culture, London is a paradise on earth. Especially the multicultural character makes this capital of the UK to such an extraordinary place – every borough of this city is different and has its own beauty to it. I am basically in love with this city.