SOAS University of London

Quinn Connors, Tufts University, Year Abroad

Academically studying at SOAS has been incredible.  At first I thought that getting to meet the big-name professors from my field would be the most enjoyable part of my experience but now I actually think it has been the other students.

September 2009 - June 2010

Which courses did you study at SOAS?

Why did you choose SOAS?

Given the concentration in my studies on the Middle East and Arabic SOAS really was THE option for me of all London universities to attend. SOAS, by nature of being such a specialist school, has quite the scholarly reputation internationally.  So I knew that by coming here I would be getting an even better education in Middle East Studies than I could back in the US.  

What did you enjoy most about your academic studies?

I really think that I learn just as much from my classmates as I do from my lecturers. Everyone is very passionate about the subject they study and have inspired me to branch out from my comfort zone of studying just the Middle East.

How would you describe living in London?

London is a large city in which there’s such a variety of things to do that it’s impossible to get bored.  But despite the, potentially overwhelming, size of the city it’s also one that you can easily come to know and feel comfortable in.  I’ve spent a good amount of time exploring the city and it’s nice to know that, if I ever return, I can immediately feel at home by finding my favourite markets, cafes and parks.

Any advice for students thinking about Studying Abroad?

The best thing you can do is get to know Britain, its’ culture, the people and especially London.  It may be a large city but it can make a great home if you just spend some time getting to know the places in it. There’s such diversity in London and so much variety in what you can do that you should take advantage of it and do the things that you can’t or maybe just don’t do in the US.