SOAS University of London

Ramy Sedhom, Siena College, Year Abroad

I personally never even had time to stay in my room. Whether it was spending time with the clubs I joined, going to Covent Garden and watching the street shows, or travelling around the rest of Europe, there was always something to do. It’s amazing how diverse the city is

Study Abroad September to December 2008

Which courses did you study at SOAS?

Why did you choose SOAS?

Aside from the eccentric array of courses to choose from, that you won’t find anywhere else in London, or in any other university worldwide for that matter, SOAS provides a setting for academics unlike any I’ve ever experience. Students are called not to think outside the box, but to look as if there were no box. I love that professors here make you question what seems to be common knowledge or fact.

What did you enjoy most about your academic studies?

The highlight of my academic studies at SOAS did not come from a book or a teacher, although I certainly loved the education I received, but instead from the students. Where else in the world will you find students from six different continents all in one classroom? Learning about everyone’s different cultures and experiences was something that can never be bought, even in the most advanced and cultured of institutions.

How would you describe living in London?

London is definitely an ideal place for a university student and I believe that the city prides itself on that. I find it funny sometimes that restaurants (even barbershops) advertise that they have student discounts! With so much history, the most beautiful parks, and the most elaborate of museums, London is a place where ‘free’ is not necessarily meaningless.

Any advice for students thinking about Studying Abroad?

My best advice is to bask in the culture that you are in. Get out of any old routine that you are used to and really ‘live in the moment.’ Take the time to get to know new people, even other’s whom you wouldn’t typically take the time to know if you were at home – you certainly won’t regret it. Most importantly, be yourself.