SOAS University of London

Suzanne Jacobson, Hamilton College, Year Abroad

The best advice I can give is to just dive into the experience without any hesitation. Going into my study abroad experience, I didn’t expect to travel to Morocco and have the opportunity to see Roman ruins or eat chip butties (chips on a bun with sauce), but I did.

Study Abroad January - June 2014

Which courses did you study at SOAS?

Why did you choose SOAS? 

I chose SOAS for two major reasons. First, it offered a smaller abroad program in a big city. This was quite appealing to me since it made the transition from a small school in a rural area a little less daunting. In addition, I was looking to expand my global knowledge. I wanted to use my time abroad to take classes that are not offered at my home institution and to take advantage of the perspective and expertise on global issues that SOAS is known for.

How would you describe living in London?

I would describe it as a wonderful learning experience that taught me how to thrive outside of my comfort zone. I came to London knowing no one and without any experience of living in a city. My study abroad experience helped me realize that I love living in a city. In addition, it also helped me appreciate the value of meeting people who may not have the same views or backgrounds as your own. I learned a lot about myself simply by talking to others, whether they were classmates, dates, or cashiers.

How did you spend your free time?

I took advantage of the breaks by travelling. London is unique because it provides easy access to loads of countries. In addition, I also made sure to find time to wander around London. Needless to say, the city itself has a lot to offer regarding history, art, and architecture.