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Guest Lectures and Workshops

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Guest Lecture and Workshop Series


"Philosophers have only interpreted the world... The point is to change it"  (Karl Marx)

Academic Summer School students can benefit from an exciting range of lectures and workshops aimed at honing your practical political and communication skills. Facilitated by Simon Crutchley, former Output Editor at BBC World News, with interventions from TV News anchors, Fleet Street journalists and political analysts, this series of interactive and immersive sessions will be offered to provide a taste of the practical skills taught at SOAS.  These workshops can be added to your summer programme to complement your subject learning with practical skills training. 

Attending these workshops will enable you to:

  • Give targeted presentations and speeches to both friendly and challenging audiences
  • Write persuasively for a highly politicised media
  • Create strategies for influencing others

Topics covered

  • Bend It Like Obama:  A practical workshop in speechwriting, based on the style of Barak Obama. You will learn the techniques behind some of his best speeches, and how you can instantly put them to use. 
  • Talk This Way, Walk This Way: How to improve your voice and gain confidence in public speaking from a top voice and body language coach to CEOS and Entrepreneurs.  
  • The Power of Persuasion: How to do a really effective presentation without nerves - in business, academia or politics.  This one comes with a guarantee.
  • CV nightmare:  Think your CV is good enough?  Think you can survive the interview? Well after this workout you will.  
  • Power Relations: How to cope with power imbalances and see eye to eye with your boss, or the electorate.  With an option to explore how status impacts on women in particular.

Add the Guest Lectures and Workshop series to your programme when you apply.