SOAS University of London

Centre of Taiwan Studies

EATS 2008

Prague, April 18-20, 2008
Co-organized by: Charles University & SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies

April 18, 2008 (Friday)

Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, room No. 209, Namesti Jana Palacha 2, Praha 1
15:00-15:15Welcoming Remarks
15:15-16:00Keynote speech 1: The Endangered Languages in Taiwan, Paul Li (Academia Sinica)
16:00-16:45Keynote speech 2: Aboriginal literature and the Rise of the New Taiwanese Historical Imaginary in Contemporary Taiwan, Chiu Kuei-fen (Chunghsing University)

April 19, 2008 (Saturday)

Karolinum, Ovocny trh 5, Praha 1
 1st Floor - Panel 1: Literature in Transition2nd Floor - Panel 2: Politics and Cross Strait Issues
9:00-9:30Trends in development of science fiction literature in Taiwan, David Uher (Palacky University)The Taiwanization of the Kuomintang: An analysis of the Bentupai Faction, Stefan Braig (Tübingen University)
9:30-10:00Baihuawen: Its Origins and Significance, Táňa Dluhošová (Charles University)Taiwan's Mainlanders: Do They Still Matter?, Stephane Corcuff (University of Lyon)
10:00-10:30Revisiting the Modernist Literary Movement in Post-1949 Taiwan, Yvonne Chang (University of Texas) (Abstract)
Where is Taiwan's Military Heading?, Jana Sehnálková (Charles University)
10:30-11:00Nature and Taiwan natural sceneries in the poetry of Yang Mu and Chen Li, Marie Laureillard (Lumière-Lyon 2 University)Agent of Unification?: The Political Role of Taiwanese Businessmen in Cross-Strait Integration, Keng Shu (National Chengchi University) & Gunter Schubert (Tübingen University)
11:00-11:30Coffee Break
 1st Floor - Panel 3: Election Politics2nd Floor - Panel 4: Economic Development
11:30-12:00Adapting to the new electoral system: Taiwanese political parties' legislative candidate selection in 2008 in comparative perspective, Dafydd Fell (SOAS)From a capital importing to a capital exporting economy: The Development of Taiwanese Foreign Direct Investment since 1990 and its implication, Beatrice Knerr (University of Kassel)
12:00-12:30Party Alignment, Social Contact, and Voter Competence in a New Election System: A Case Study of the 2008 Taiwan's Legislative Election, Yu Ching-hsin, Tsai Chia-hung, Sheng Shin-yuan (National Cheng-chi University)Beyond multilateral negotiations - A Strategic-choice analysis on Taiwan's participation in the OECD Shipbuilding Agreement, Wu Po-kuan (European University Institute)
12:30-13:30Lunch Break
 1st Floor - Panel 5: History2nd Floor - Panel 6: Gender, Equality and Civil society
13:30-14:00The Shaping of Colonial Administrators: A Statistical Analysis of Successful Examination Candidates of Lower Civil Service Examinations in Taiwan under Japanese Rule, Caroline Tsai (Academia Sinica)Women's Movement and the Development of Civil Society in Taiwan, Lin Fang-mei (National Taiwan Normal University)
14:00-14:30"L'Etranger" since the Civil War: Writing the Civil War Taiwanese - Guomindang Soldiers in the 1990s, Mike Lan (Nanyang University)The power of contexts: Taiwanese feminists making space in gender equity education, Lee Shu-ching (University of Cambridge)
14:30-15:00Traditional Houses on Taiwan, Lucie Olivova (Palacký University)The Implications of Cross-Strait Relations for Taiwan's Civil Society, Winnie King (University of Bristol)
15:00-15:30Coffee Break
 1st Floor - Panel 7: Olympics2nd Floor - Panel 8: Justice
15:30-16:00PRC Government Policy Towards Taiwan in the Olympic Year 2008, Ondřej Kučera (Palacký University)Coup d’État justified? The legal constraints on the power of the President under the Constitution of the R.O.C., Joseph Lee (University of Nottingham)
16:00-16:30Taiwan and the Anti-Olympic Games Campaign, Chen Yu-wen (University of Konstanz)Regime Shift and Prosecutorial Reform in Taiwan, Wang Chin-shou (Chengkung University)
16:30-18:00EATS General Assembly, Conference Room, 1st floor

April 20, 2008 (Sunday)

Karolinum, Ovocny trh 5, Praha 1
 1st Floor - Panel 9: Language and Identity2nd Floor - Panel 10: Diversity in Civic Society
9:00-9:30Sakzaya or Amis? A Hidden ethnic group?, Melissa Lin (Tonghwa University)A "mosquito hall" in present day Northern Taiwan, or the intricacies of multicultural politics, Anne-Christine Tremon (Ecole des Hautes Edudes en Sciences Sociales)
9:30-10:00Language and Politics: Metaphors as Linguistic Strategies in the Issue of National Identity in Taiwan, Lin Cheng-wen, (University of York)Indigenous Autonomy: Constructing a Place for Ethnic Minorities in Taiwan's Emerging Civic Society, Scott Simon (Institut d'Asie Orientale de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure)
10:00-10:30 The Formation of Class-Based Civic Interest Groups in Transnational Taiwan, Scott Sommers (Mingchuan University)
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
 1st Floor - Panel 11: Early Postcolonial History and Imaginary2nd Floor - Panel 12: Ecology and Environment
11:00-11:30Taiwanese Intellectuals and Taiwanese Literature in post Japanese departure from Taiwan (1945-1955), Sandrine Marchand (University of Artois)Environment, Feng-shui, and Economic Transformations in a Taiwanese Town, Shih Fang-long (London School of Economics)
11:30-12:00Imaging Shenzhou: The Imagery of 'Home' and 'Country' in Primary Geography Education in Early Post-war Taiwan, Chang Bi-yu (SOAS)'Ecology' and indigenous political and cultural struggles in Taiwan: a case study of two Atayal villages, Hsiao, Huei-Chung (Lancaster University)
12:00-12:30Interrogating Identity and Citizenship in early postcolonial Taiwan, Ann Heylen (National Taiwan Normal University)From Urban Corridor to Megalopolis: The Taiwanese Metropolization, Nicholas Douay (Université Paris Diderot)
 1st Floor - Panel 13: Globalising Modernity2nd Floor - Panel 14: Taiwan in the World
13:30-14:00Taiwanising the World? Lee Ang and Global Cinema, Carsten Storm (Dresden University of Technology)Taiwan's diplomatic recognition in the shadow of China's growing role in Latin America and the Caribbean, Mario Esteban (Autonomous University of Madrid)
14:00-14:30Network & Cooperation in Presenting Taiwan in English With reference to translation of modern Taiwan literature,Cindy Kung (University of Newcastle)China Rising: Whither Taiwan in Africa?, Crison Chien (London School of Economics) & Daniel Large (School of Oriental and Asian Studies)
14:30-15:00Indigenous Culture under Taiwanese Modernity: Cultural Translation in Tien Yaco's Short Stories, Liou Liang-ya (National Taiwan University)Russia and Cross-Strait Relations, Hu Shaohua (Wagner College)
15:00-16:00Coffee Break
 1st Floor - Panel 15: MA Panel
16:00-16:30The Japanese Colonial Contribution to a "Pluralistic National Identification" in Taiwan, Viviane Lugo (University of Lyon)
16:30-17:00Immigrants and the Development of Taiwan's National Identity: A Case Study of Spouses from Southeast Asia and China, Isabelle Cheng (SOAS)
17:00-17:30A Comparative Study of Japanese Colonialism in Taiwan and Hokkaido, Anne-Gaelle Renaud (University of Lyon)
17:30-18:00Between God’s Miracle and Imperialist’s Propaganda:“A Skin-graft with Love” Revisited, Harry Wu (University of Oxford)
18:00-18:30Closing Session