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Film Screening of Match Point, Followed by Q&A with Director Chung Chuan (鍾權)

Speaker: Director Chung Chuan

Date: 6 July 2016Time: 7:00 PM

Finishes: 6 July 2016Time: 10:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT

Type of Event: Film

SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies 2016 Summer School
Day Two
Fifth Event

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<Match Point> is the story of female tennis player Su-Wei Hsieh’s quest to become the highest-ranked female tennis players in Taiwan history.


The film <Match Point> takes us on a self-discovery journey of the twenty-seven year old female tennis player Su-Wei Hsieh as she strives for the Grand Slam titles. In 2013, the Taiwanese tennis player Su-Wei Hsieh achieved her first Grand Slam dream by winning the 2013 Wimbledon female doubles championship with her Chinese partner Peng Shuai. The “Cross-Strait” pair continued to amaze their countries by winning the 2013 WTA final female doubles championship and 2014 French Open female doubles championship. By then, Su-Wei Hsieh became the first ever individual from Taiwan to achieve the highest ranking in the world tennis.

Chung Chuan's Film Match Point

Unlike other bio chronics, the film begins with championship point, interspersing with every single emotional moments of when Su-Wei has to confront her family, her friends and struggles with the matches. Then the film reaches its climax when it flashbacks to Su-Wei’s early time family chaos as she gradually opens herself to camera through the tournament journey. The plot turns into such ruthless tone as to echo Su-Wei’s recall of her painful childhood experience. Su-Wei was born in an ordinary yet poor family from South Taiwan. She’s the fourth child in the tennis family of seven children. Regarded as the most talented child in the family, Su-Wei was introduced to tennis at five years age by her father who was enthusiastic about tennis. Without disappointing her father, the little girl had made her early career success through winning 5 singles title and consecutive win in 39 matches.

Perhaps the tremendous pressure and severe training from the father, the young rebel ran away from her family to Japan at her age 16 as she later admitted it was just to escape her father. The three-year hardships in Japan made the young girl realized the importance of her father and decided to return to Taiwan. “ He’s my father yet my friend”, Su-Wei says in the film. Su-Wei had devoted herself to tennis and her family ever since and eventually made herself a legendary player in Taiwan’s tennis history.

As tennis player, one must face the match point at every single match. It is also unavoidable that we have to face the match point at each crucial stage of life. For Su-Wei, the championship journey may never end, as what she really fights for is the championship of her own life. Is Su-Wei able to achieve her full potential in life? The film is set to an open ended ending where questions go unpredicted? For better or worse, Su-Wei Hsieh is certainly an incredible example of how one person makes her ordinary life extraordinary.

Speaker's Bio
Chung Chuan

Chung Chuan was born in Taiwan in 1979. He began his career in advertising in China in 2000. He was an Associate Art Director of Ogilvy One Interactive and Art Director of Y&R Wunderman China. He has won advertising awards from the New York Festival and the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. In 2003, Chung Chuan began his studies in documentary at the Beijing Film School. He was the recipient of a 2005 scholarship from Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and received his master's degree in 2006.

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