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Music of Lo Ta Yu

Speaker: Mr Ma Shih-fang

Date: 7 July 2016Time: 2:15 PM

Finishes: 7 July 2016Time: 4:15 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT

Type of Event: Summer Lecture

SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies 2016 Summer School
Day Three
Second Event

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Lo Ta Yu: Prophet From a Long-Gone Past
Lo Ta Yu

Wearing shades, dressed all in black, hair permed like a frozen volcano, with a coarse singing voice often struggle to stay in tune, Lo Ta Yu (羅大佑) was definitely not your typical 80's Taiwanese pop star. Plus, he sings about politics, social changes, environmental issues, even his love songs are unlike anyone else. He invented a whole new language, which made almost all the songwriters before him seemed tame and pretentious.

How a 28-year old med school student made his first album financed by his father, took four years to complete, rejected by every label, eventually landed on the newly founded Rock Records (滾石唱片) and changed Mandarin pop music history forever? Why some of his works made more than 30 years ago still resonate? Let me share some thoughts.

Speaker's Bio
Ma Shih Fang

Ma Shih Fang (馬世芳) began his career as a radio DJ in 1989, when he was an 18-year old high school graduate. After almost 30 years in the business, he is now often regarded as the best radio DJ in Chinese-speaking world.

Ma is the author of four books with in-depth, often personal stories about rock/pop, blues, folk, and history of Taiwanese/Chinese pop music. His first book Subterranean Homesick Blues (地下鄉愁藍調) was nominated the Golden Tripod Award and was awarded one of "The Best Books from Taiwan" in Taipei International Book Exhibition, 2008. His third book Lend Me Your Ears (耳朵借我) won a China Times Kaijuan Good Book Award (中時開卷好書獎) .

He co-edited the massively influential book 100 Best Albums of Taiwanese Pop Music, 1975-1992 while studying in National Taiwan University, and also co-edited its follow-up, 200 Best Albums of Taiwanese Pop Music, 1975-2005. Ma also co-translated the Chinese edition of Lennon Remembers: The 1970 Rolling Stone Interview by Jann S. Wenner.

Ma is a three-time Broadcast Golden Bell Awards winner, including two Best Popular Music Program Awards and a Best DJ Award.

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