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Film Screening of Unfinished Progress 建設未完成 & Q&A with Director Show-tsai Lin 林謙勇 and Lead Figure Wang Chung-ming 王鐘銘

Director Show-tsai Lin and Wang Chung-ming

Date: 7 July 2020Time: 11:30 AM

Finishes: 7 July 2020Time: 4:00 PM

Venue: Virtual Event

Type of Event: Summer School

Film Screening: 11:30 AM-13:30 PM

Q&A Session: 14:00 PM-16:00 PM

Showtsai Poster 2020

As part of the 2020 SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School, we kindly ask that you register to attend.

As well as 7-day online viewing prior to the Q&A session, this film will be live-streamed. If you selected to view this film when filling out the registration form you will receive a link to access online viewing in early July. 

This event will be held online through Blackboard Collaborate.

*Please be aware that all Summer School event times follow British Summer Time (BST)


Giraffe-like construction cranes are avid eaters. They forage around in the woods and fields for their feeds: the collective longing for development and prosperity. As they crane their necks longer, they make the fantasy of progress more alluring. And that is what Chung-Ming Wang steps forward to fight. Left his stable life behind, he devoted himself into local environmentalism in his hometown Tamsui(Danshui), tried to keep it distant from developmentalism that Taipei had been suffered for long. Few years later, he decided to change his way of political participation. This documentary film depicts his third attempt to run in the City Council Election in 2014, including the difficulties and conflicts he encounters and the diverse imaginations toward progress. The film also tries to brings up an important question: do we need more edifices in our city, or we need to find a way to edify ourselves?

Words from the Director

I'm now the same age as people I had admired were. It is the age when one of my exes published her first novel. It is the age where they reached one step earlier before I did. And It is also the age where has caged a growling tiger. 

Passing that stage, only tougher battles awaits. 

I wish I could work a little harder when facing them.

Showtsai Profile 2020


長頸鹿在這世上到處尋找目標,它們跨過夕陽、保護區、住著人的地方,靠著吃下大眾對建設 的渴望,伸長脖子把發展的夢越頂越高。柯P蹦出來選舉那年,已經是王鐘銘的第三度參選。他從過去生活穩定的中產階級,開發派口中阻礙進步的環保團體,成為了地方上資深的參政青年。當地方派系鼓吹公共工程,土地徵收與我們比鄰而居,小鎮淡水一不小心就向臺北靠攏,期待著更多雲霄飛車般的交通建設。本片除了記錄第三勢力從政的運動光譜,人們對於建設的各種想像,也希望開啓另一種運動抗爭的紀錄片視角——從都市中產的游離性格出發,究竟我們要如何選擇一件事情努力,又該怎麼好好建設自己?



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