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Film Screening of Suming Carrying the Flag (扛旗子的人)

Ado Kaliting Pacidal & Suming Rupi

Date: 13 October 2018Time: 7:00 PM

Finishes: 13 October 2018Time: 9:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT

Type of Event: Film Screening

This is part of 12th Native Spirit Film Festival 11-21 October 2018. To book a ticket please click HERE.

The 12th Native Spirit Indigenous Film Festival, in collaboration with SOAS Centre for Taiwan Studies, proudly present the International Premiere of

Suming Carrying the Flag  扛旗子的人

Special Guests Ado Kaliting Pacidal and Suming Rupi

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Suming, a young Amis man from eastern Taiwan, is part of the first generation of indigenous people forced to lose their native language.

Singing in the Amis language, Suming has worked his way to the forefront of Taiwan's popular music scene, while simultaneously leading the indigenous (Amis) youth to rediscover their tribal identity and uniting his people behind the creation of Amis Music Festival.

Music and poetry are core elements of the social and political organization of Amis culture, which makes use of chanting, poetry, and song to expose, discuss and solve problems that arise within the tribe. For this reason, Suming has always found it natural to express his emotions and public opinions through song.

As an Amis man, artist and musician, opposing the social system that oppresses indigenous people through control of their voice, environment, and land is a core part of Suming’s life. He longs for a return of the ethnic voice, the Amis voice, and balance to our imbalanced society.

Suming has participated in music festivals all over the world that brandish their own unique design of flag. With a strong belief that music and culture can assist Taiwan to find its place on the international stage, Suming brandishes our own nation’s flag, and in doing so, carries the dreams of all Taiwanese people with him through his music.

Documentary, Music Video | 2017 | Mandarin/Amis, Taiwan. English Subtitles | 44min

Director: Jau-Horne Chen
Producer: Ado' Kaliting Pacidal

Q&A Ado Kaliting Pacidal and Suming Rupi


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Ado Kaliting Pacidal is an actress, television host, songwriter and singer, known for works such as her highly popular album Sun and Moon; she is also a talented and learned student of culture. Her elders gave her the name Ado’, which echoes the saying from the myths of the Amis (Pangcah) people that “we sing to make the gods happy.” This name foretold that someday Ado’ would bring everyone joy with her singing.

Ado is proud of her Amis heritage and ardently loves her tribal home. Concerned about the threat her people face of having their culture disappear, she infuses her song writing with aboriginal colour. As a student and from her days of working in the mountains and nights in the tribal villages, she sang her way from the pedestrian underpasses and pubs of the city to performances all over the world. She puts all of her own personality into her music and uses her melodic voice and its deep passion to move her listeners. Ado’ has also turned her talents to acting, making her big screen debut in Lekal Sumi and Cheng Yu-chieh’s Panay, which captures an authentic view of the lives and predicaments of  Taiwan’s indigenous communities when it comes to land rights.  Her performance was widely praised, winning her a nomination for Best New Performer at the Golden Horse Awards in Taipei.

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Suming Rupi is a singer-songwriter from Dulan, an Amis ethnic tribe in eastern Taiwan. He’s devoted in retrieving, preserving and promoting Amis traditional culture and has played Glastonbury, London, Japan, Riddu Riddu Festival (Norway), Berlin, and Fuji Rock Festival.

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