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Documentary Film Screening of Attabu I (阿罩霧風雲I: 抉擇)

Lee Khan
Speaker: Film Producer Mr Lee Khan (李崗)

Date: 20 June 2017Time: 7:00 PM

Finishes: 20 June 2017Time: 10:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT

Type of Event: Film


Attabu is a two-part story on the rise and fall of the Lin Family in Wufeng. The Lins sailed across the sea from China to Taiwan in 1746 and became one of the most powerful clans in Taiwan. Part I depicts how the family members won military glories and played a crucial role in China and Taiwan in the Qing Dynasty. Part II resumes from the defeat of China in the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895, in which year Taiwan officially became Japan’s colony, and focuses on the family disruption. Under Japanese rule, this influential family gradually disintegrated because the members failed to share the same political belief— some returned to China while others stayed in Taiwan to support the local self-government. The vast political turbulence in that period of time, including two World Wars, drastically changes the destiny of Taiwan and that of the Lins.


Different from a traditional documentary, Attabu combines documentary with drama and creates a new style to present the story of the Wufeng Lin Family, whose story could be seen as a unique perspective to reexamine Taiwan’s modern history. Based on the most authoritative sources and four years of research, shot in real historic site and delicately rebuilt historical scenes, this is a film you cannot do without when it comes to understanding the contemporary Taiwan/China history.

Director’s Statement

When I joined the production team in 2011, the team and I fell into endless research. Like a book club, we had all the readings, discussions and lectures on the history of the Lin Family. We have stuck in those conferences for almost a whole year, debating every detail, forming the structure of the script together. When that is done, we face another challenge to complete the project with a limited budget. With the film released, I hope that the audience does not only see a story of the family, but also feel the history of our land.

Director's Bio

HSU Ming-Chun(許明淳)  

HSU Ming-Chun (許明淳) 

Born in 1968, Hsu graduated from Tamkang University, major in Mass Communications. After years of working in the commercial advertising industry and television productions, he worked in documentary full time at Dimensions Communications from 1996 to 1999. His TV works include “I Love Taipei,” nominated for Taipei Film Festival, “The Story of Tanshui River,” and “Baseball in Taiwan-A Tale of Hundred Years,” both of which were nominated for Taiwan Golden Bell Awards. Hsu now works as a freelance documentary director.

Filmography (selected)

2015 Attabu II

2013 Attabu

2010 “Faces of The Culture – BOWEN CHEN”

2008 Stars

2006 “Baseball in Taiwan-A Tale of Hundred Years”

1999 “The Story of Tanshui River”

1998 “I Love Taipei”

1997 “Vendors in Taiwan”

1996 “Water-The Ground is Sinking”

Speaker's Bio

Lee Khan (李崗)

Taiwanese award-winning director Khan LEE, the younger brother of the Oscar director Ang LEE, entered in to the film industry in 1994 when winning Excellent Screenplay of the Year Award with his first script. In 1998 Lee made his directorial debut Cop Abula, which won the Special Prize at Taipei Film Festival and was screened in numerous prestigious festivals, including Cannes Film Festival.

 Active in the industry with multiple roles, TV/MV/commercial director, writer, and film critic, to name a few, Lee has dedicated to cultivating young talents by being a producer in recent years. His productions have been invited to renowned international festivals, including Berlin International Film Festival, and garnered numerous awards

 Filmography (selected)

2015 Attabu II

2014 Dream Flight

2014 One Minute More

2013 Attabu (Documentary)

2012 “We Are Family” (Mini-series)

2010 Juliets

2009 Yang-Yang

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