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Transition 前進樂團 : Screening of Band's Documentary, Q&A and Acoustic Concert

Transition 前進樂團

Date: 20 March 2014Time: 7:00 PM

Finishes: 20 March 2014Time: 9:00 PM

Venue: Vernon Square Room: V121 (Screening & Q&A) V111 (Concert)

Type of Event: Film

To celebrate the end of term and the end of the Understanding Taiwan through Film and Documentary the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies welcomes the band Transition前進樂團 . After a screening of a documentary about the band's experiences of making music and life in Taiwan, we will have a Q&A session with the band. This will be followed by an acoustic set of some of the band's latest hits.

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Transition 前進樂團 Acoustic Concert at SOAS

Two Youtube video clips below give a taste of the band:

Introduction of Transition 前進樂團

Transition 前進樂團 樂團介紹: Chinese Introduction

前進樂團成立於1997年,前後與台灣接觸長達11年,更於居住三年期間,重拾校園學習中文,並開始創作中文歌曲,也在體育館、大學校園、音樂節、咖啡店……等巡迴表演,音樂領域陸續蔓延,2011年更以一首創作‘對不起我的中文不好’在網路上爆紅,至今已成為外國人學習中文的入門課!2012年返回英國後,仍不放棄音樂與對台灣的熱情持續前進,也為中華奧運隊寫下‘前進Olympic Dream’的主題曲,在倫敦一同為台灣的選手們加油打氣!
至今發行三張專輯,經過了兩年的醞釀,他們即將再發行第四張全新國語專輯《跨越》。保存了原有英式搖滾融合了亞洲流行樂, 濃烈曲風的再度綻放。這次感謝音樂才子周杰倫提供編曲意見,死黨羅文裕、崔香蘭和江佩錦寫詞,並由知名製作人Sam Bell (U2, REM, Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, Editors御用製作人)做混音,最後在地下音樂圈內的皇帝‘老王’錄到最自然的搖滾靈魂而完整了整張專輯!《跨越》真實的跨越六千多英里的距離,跨越語言,跨越文化而完整!這張全新專輯對樂團來說意義重大,為團員北極熊最後一次呈獻完美的紀念,《跨越》不單只是紀念經歷的感動也感謝每一位一路支持影響過、幫助過前進樂團的人!相信更是為期待已久的樂迷打造出一張精采的搖滾專輯,一同跨越零距離的音樂的漣漪與感動。

Transition: English Introduction

Transition are a three piece British rock band creating music that touches the soul - a fusion of eastern and western musical influence! Their roots are in Bristol, U.K, but they combine this rock foundation with Asian rhythm and melody, producing music that inspires audiences from both sides of the globe.

Transitionʼs three years living and performing in Taiwan had a profound effect on their lives and music, especially their song-writing. Their first mandarin song ʻSorry My Chinese Isnʼt so Goodʼ became an instant youtube hit. It gathered over a million views, and is now an anthem for all foreigners learning Chinese!

Another landmark came in 2012 when the band were given the honour of writing the official theme song for the Taiwanese Olympic team for the London 2012 Games - the first ever foreign band to be given this opportunity!

Now Transition are releasing their first ever mandarin album, ʻGoing Beyondʼ.
Arrangement and production include the involvement of several well known names: Jay Chou (arrangement advice), Wing Lo (lyrical assistance) and the bandʼs long- term friend, Sam Bell (U2, REM, Robbie Williams, Snow Patrol, Bloc Party, Editors) All this has created an inspirational finish to the recorded sounds! Going Beyond is a great showcase for the bandʼs unique fusion of east/west rock.

As another milestone, bassist Niall Dunne has decided this is the time to say goodbye to the band, making this album an historic part of the bandʼs journey - it shouldnʼt be missed!

Organiser: Centre of Taiwan Studies

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