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TPNWCP Yang Ya-che Series 楊雅喆系列 (I) - Growing Up 成長路上: "Orz Boyz! 囧男孩" & "Girlfriend, Boyfriend 女朋友。男朋友"


Date: 21 June 2021Time: 12:00 AM

Finishes: 27 June 2021Time: All Day

Venue: Virtual Event

Type of Event: Film Screening

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Orz Boyz! (12AM BST to 11:59PM BST Monday 21st June, 1-Day Screening)
Orz Boyz 1

More than just naughty, they play tricks on classmates, tease girls at school, fight with other boys, and lie to everyone until their teacher breaks down. They are named Liar No. 1 and Lair No. 2.

“You have to stay after school to repair the books in the library” This is the punishment from their teacher, but turn out to be one of the best thing happened to them. They read almost all the books in the library. No. 1 becomes a wonderful storyteller, and No. 2 is his best audience. They sail through the stories hand in hand, away from the pain and bitterness from the real world, where they live in families less than troubled.

Together, the pair go after the prettiest girl in the school, while accidentally reveal the sadness behind her smile; they play a trick on No. 2’s grandmother, tip over bottles of tears and create a loving disaster.

The most important act planned in their life is to go to the mysterious water park, where they can leap through the portal at the end of the waterslide to the fairy-tale world OZ and live as grown-ups happily ever after. However, the commitment is torn by a careless betrayal. The incident leads the two to parting paths. No. 2 now can only wait on top of the waterslides, until the day the curse of separation is lift… They do grow up, and they meet again.

Girlfriend, Boyfriend (12AM BST Monday 21st June to 11:59PM BST Sunday 27th June, 7-Day Screening)

Taiwan |105 minutes | 35mm, 1:2.35 | Dolby 5.1


"Let's make a pact: when we're 30, if we're still single, then we'll get married!"

Mabel, Liam and Aaron were born in the same small town, deep in the far south of Taiwan. They were children together in a kind of rural paradise, surrounded by magnolia and camphor trees. Even down in this tropical idyll, however, where it feels like nothing has changed for centuries, time marches on.

In this final, hotbed year, new feelings arise, which alter the childhood bonds between them forever: Aaron loves Mabel, but Mabel only has eyes for Liam; who likes her, but not in the way as she expects; Liam has never admitted it to anyone, but who he's really in love with, is Aaron. While Liam remains impervious to all Mabel's displays of affection, Aaron steps up his pursuit until, eventually, Mabel gives in to his attentions.

It's the 1980s. Taiwan is still under Martial Law, and the Taiwanese people are still locked into the battle to have it lifted; a social revolution is set to take off. Mabel, Liam, and Aaron throw themselves into taking part: they graffiti slogans in the corners of their school, publish incendiary poems in the school paper, and plot protest movements during morning assembly time.

Finally, the time comes to leave behind the relative calm of the countryside for the bright lights of the big city. As students in Taipei, they fight even harder for their ideals: they join the Wild Lily Movement, taking part in a sit-in to advocate for freedom and democracy. In the course of this, longheld secrets are revealed. The truth comes out about Liam's feelings for Aaron. The revelation strikes a chord of betrayal and deception into the heart of the friendship, and the friends drift further and further apart.

More time passes. Society opens up, the economy develops. The three are no longer students. Life is fast-paced and it takes over; they lose touch with their youthful ideals. Mabel finds herself becoming the Other Woman in Aaron's marriage; Liam, also, finds himself caught up in an affair with a married man.

Coming almost full-circle, Mabel and Liam finally put aside their differences, and are reconciled. The old friends are there for one another through times of emotional hardship and extreme tragedy. With this, they come to realise once again the true value of their lifelong friendship: little by little, they turn that pact  they made all those years ago into a whole new kind of present...

Director Yang Ya-che

Yang Ya-che Profile 2

Born in 1971, Director Yang Ya-che graduated from Tamkang University, Taiwan with a degree in Mass Communications. Alongside his directorial experience, Director Yang has previously worked as a production planner and screenwriter. Director Yang’s works have received numerous accolades, including the Golden Horse Award, Golden Bell Award and Taipei Film Festival awards.

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