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Film Screenings: Puppet Angel [傀儡天使] and It Takes Two to Tango [車拼] (11 min. Trailer) and Q&A with Director Wan Jen 萬仁

Director Wan Jen
Speaker: Director Wan Jen 萬仁

Date: 30 July 2014Time: 6:30 PM

Finishes: 30 July 2014Time: 10:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT

Type of Event: Film

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Film Screenings: Puppet Angel [傀儡天使] and It Takes Two to Tango [車拼] (11 min. Trailer) and Q and A with Director Wan Jen 萬仁 - 30 July 2014

Synopsis of  Puppet Angel [傀儡天使] (2001) (85 min.)

Chen Ping, a young and idealistic journalist, is excited to be the ghostwriter of a successful Legislator Huang Ming-yeh. Huang is a rising political star in the parliament and enjoys popular support and high satisfaction rating. But, all is not what it seems…

In the process of researching Huang’s political career and rise to prominence, Chen Ping comes across a photo in which Huang appears to be unusually intimate with a mysterious woman. He is thus drawn into a confusing political conspiracy and later torn between a sense of betrayal, a desire for justice, and an attraction towards that beautiful woman who is supposedly to be Huang’s mistress. For Chen Ping, the journey searching for truth is just beginning…

Puppet Angel
Puppet Angel

Synopsis of  It Takes Two to Tango [車拼] (11 min. Trailer)

A cross-Strait love affair creates conflicts between families. Zhao Zhong travels from Beijing to Taiwan to pursue the love of his life, Hsin-I, but encounters a strong opposition from Hsin-I’s father. Caught between different values, ideologies, and political stands, what are the two young people going to do?

Having seen a trial screening of this film Dafydd Fell, the Director of the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies commented: “This is my favourite Taiwanese comedy! It is a wonderful political comedy and should be compulsory viewing for students studying Taiwan’s society, politics and cross-Strait relations. I look forward to reading student MA dissertations on this film!”

It Takes Two to Tango
It Takes Two to Tango


Director’s Bio

Wan Jen is one of the most influential directors in Taiwan’s New Wave Cinema Movement in the 1980s. He made his debut The Taste of Apple in the landmark work The Sandwich Man (1983) with Hou Hsiao-hisen and Zeng Chuang-hsiang. This short film is based on Huang Chun-ming’s novel that satirises the US imperialist influences in Taiwan and the local fascination with American culture in the late 60s. Since his first film, Wan Jen has consistently explored Taiwan’s social problems and political issues. His works have always been politically sensitive and critical about the impacts of industrialization and political corruption, and have been powerful in challenging how the past is presented and whose story is told.


• 2014 It Takes Two to Tango[車拼]
• 2001 Puppet Angel [傀儡天使]
• 1998 Connection by Fate [超級公民]
• 1995 Super Citizen Ko [超級大國民]
• 1991 The Story of Taipei Women [胭脂]
• 1987 Farewell to the Channel [惜別海岸]
• 1985 Super Citizens [超級市民]
• 1983 Ah Fei  [油麻菜籽]
• 1983 The Sandwich man [兒子的大玩偶] – The Taste of Apple [蘋果的滋味]

Drama Series

• The War of Betrayal 1895[亂世豪門] (PTS drama series, 20 episodes) (2007)
• Dana Sakura [風中緋櫻: 霧社事件] (PTS drama series, 20 episodes) (2004)

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Sponsor: The Understanding Taiwan through Film and Documentary Screening Series is supported by the Ministry of Culture’s Spotlight Taiwan Programme. Special Thanks to Dr. Samuel Yin for his generous support to the Spotlight Taiwan Programme.

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